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Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

A support group for people with an addiction as well as a mental illness who would like to discover their own journey to recovery and gain support from others along the way.

Friends and family are welcome.

A.R.G. meets Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm at RAHN.

Who is an Addict?

Very simply, an addict is a person whose life if controlled by their addiction. With many new addictions, the ends are almost always the same: jails, institutions, and death.

Why A.R.G.?

This group is open to those who suffer from an addiction -- any addiction. We aren't going to subjectively choose who gets to be in the group. We also aren't interested in what your addiction is/was per se. We are more concerned with how we can help you stay clean.

Addiction is a disease for which their is no known cure, but if we can find support and sanity in our groups, we have a much better shot at recovering. The same goes for mental illness. While the two can be treated, at this point in time there is no cure for either.

A.R.G. Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have to have an addiction to join?

A: No you don't. A.R.G. is open for not only those who suffer from an addiction, but also people who have a loved one suffering from an addiction, as well as people who are curious about addiction.

Q: Is the group confidential?

A: Absolutely. What is said in group stays in group.

Q: Does the group leader know and understand addiction and mental health issues?

A: Yes, she has dealt with her own addiction and mental health issues, and understands it from a personal point of view.

Q: What is the format of the group?

A: In A.R.G. we focus on topics picked by the group. Past topics include relapse, stigma, self-esteem, stages of recovery and anger managment. Future topics may include: social skills, eating healthy, and exercise.

Q: Is A.R.G. a 12-Step Meeting?

A: No. While 12-Step literature may be used, A.R.G. is more geared towards mental illness and how it interacts with addiction. Although A.R.G. is not a 12-Step program, information on over 20 different types of 12-Step meetings is provided including: meeting times, locations, and contact information.

Q: What kinds of addiction are discussed in the group?

A: Any kind of addiction! Cigarettes, food, self-harming, illicit drugs, gambling, shopping, and alcohol are some of the different addictions that members bring to the group. Again, We are more interested in how we can help you stay clean rather than what you addiction is or was, per se.

Q: Are there fees to join A.R.G.?

A: No, A.R.G. is a free group.

Q: When are the A.R.G. meetings?

A: Every Thursday from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

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