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Wednesdays 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

A support group for people with mental illness who would like to discover their own journey to recovery and gain support from others along the way.

The purpose of the Wellness and Recovery Group is to explore the idea of recovery from mental illness and wellness as a group and for each individual.

The group will be using the nationally recognized "Pathways To Recovery" textbook, provided free to all members of the class.

This workbook uses the metaphor of a journey to take the reader through a process of exploration, self-discovery, and planning that helps to set life goals and realize personal dreams. The book promotes recovery in the domains of life such as having a sense of home, increasing knowledge and education, finding work or volunteer activities that bring satisfaction, developing meaningful relationships with others, achieving intimacy and enhancing sexuality, attaining higher levels of wellness, and exploring spirituality.

by Priscilla Ridgway, Diane McDiarmid, Lori Davidson, & Julie Bayes. (2002). University of Kansas School of Social Welfare, Office of Mental Health Research & Training. Auburn Hills, MI: Data Repordictions Corporation.

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