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Raco Car Wash Systems Inc

Rating: 1

Juliannie Raco Car Wash Systems Inc

The water rinse spray was excellent. I thought I was charging my debit card for $1.00 worth of time though. I rinsed my car for about 2 minutes I imagine. Then turned it off. Checked online banking, it said I spent $10.00 at the car wash... mmmm? Not gonna do that again. The instructions and information about paying with your card are not very helpful, they give the impression that it charges by the $1.00 amount and you can add by pressing the button before the time is up. There is no display for how much your card is being charged, or for when your time is up.

Thumbs down.

But I give you 1 star for having the high pressured hand-held water wand. ;)

Sharon Roullins replies...

Hello, I wish I had seen your comment earlier; same thing happened to me this morning. The telephone number is conveniently out of order as well. Did you get a chance to dispute the $10 charge?

Rating: 1

jp59 Raco Car Wash Systems Inc

Paid with my debit card for a $6.00 car wash. Not sure how they did it, but it appeared as a $10.00 charge to my bank. :(