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Visit website 2500 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66046 Open today until 7 p.m.

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Rating: 1

Phoenix0425 Pro-Cuts

The ownership of this franchise must have changed hands. It used to be a pleasure to go there but I will not gp there again. Nothing wrong with the haircut but one of the two people working there was extremely rude. Judging from the signs on the wall, they must have had some unpleasant experiences dealing with the public, but I would think you would need to be civll if you want to keep customers!

Sunshinesummitlodge replies...

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Rating: 1

SUVCW6165 Pro-Cuts

I used to go here all the time but recent events have put a stop to it. Pay no attention to the hours posted above or on the door as they now close when they feel like it. I arrived at 7:45 after having to ferry kids around town. The door was locked and the employees were counting receipts and telling me through the door that they were closed. I called the phone number when I got home to ask why. I was told that due to a recent robbery they were now closing whenever they didn't have a customer near the end of the day. I'm all for employee safety and can understand their point of view, but it is a poor business policy to have nebulous closing times without some kind of posting or explanation.

Rating: 5

rlauram Pro-Cuts

StrongThose are my girls, they have been there for years and know me by name. I love to go in get my hair done, eyebrows waxed, and just dish with the girls. I have never ever left having a bad experience.