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Premier Martial Arts

Rating: 5

Kim Erwin Premier Martial Arts

My son has been a student at Premier Martial Arts for 5 1/2 years. Our experience has been very positive and we highly recommend Premier. We have had a lot of fun, met great friends, and learned priceless skills.

The students, from the littlest kids to the biggest adults are such a great group of people, always ready to work hard and help each other. There is a mix of personalities and backgrounds that comes together on the floor that makes each class a memorable experience.

The owners, instructors and assistants, including Mr. Don Booth and Mrs. Susan Booth, Mr. Mark Taylor, Mr. Steven Howe, Mr. Ray Brady, Mr. Gary Keefer, Mr. Matt Sheets, Miss Starra Anh and Mr. Bryce Dunn are a great team to learn from. They always have a positive attitude on martial arts training and great insight on self-defense techniques. They also support the fitness goals of students and their families.

The instructors are consistent in their excellent instruction. They have a depth of knowledge and expertise that allows them to not only teach technique, but the various scenarios and applications for those skills. They encourage each and every student. They make martial arts, self-defense and fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We are so glad that we chose Premier Martial Arts and that we are part of the Premier Family.