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Rating: 1

rdmagnum Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

On several different ocasions now, we've either been shorted pieces or given too many wings for the number of pieces we'd bought. Last Thursday evening (3/9/17) was the worse such incident. We ordered a 16 pc. family meal and an 11 pc. box of chicken. 27 pcs. total. When we got it home, of those 27 pcs., 15 were wings. We only live 5 minutes away, so we called them and took the chicken back. Jade, who said she was the manager, said she could trade out 2 more each of legs, thighs, and breasts. Huh??? Since she couldn't get any closer than that to the right ratio, we declined and had all the chicken replaced. They took forever. The replacement chicken had the proper ratio, but we didn't get to eat it until nearly an hour after we would've been eating it, had it been right to start with. Next time you see the car ahead of you, in the drive-thru, taking the time to count their chicken pieces, don't get mad. Just use it as a reminder that you ought to be checking yours too...