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Plato's Closet

Rating: 1

redarrow Plato's Closet

I've given this place a chance or two. my overall impression? eh. the clothes are generally kind of ugly and the employees seem full of themselves (who knows where their fashion sense comes from). Accessories do a little better I think. Also, tune out the music if you go.

Randy Erickson replies...

Music is always subjective. :)

Rating: 5

Meredith Burke Plato's Closet

I saw a crochet tank that I LOVED being sorted by an employee, and asked them if they could find it when I was checking out. They couldn't, but took my contact information and actually called me a few days later when someone found the tank. Great customer service and friendly employees!

Rating: 5

Kimberly Grosse Plato's Closet

Almost my entire wardrobe is from this place. They have amazing deals and sales often!