Rating: 3

samirrasta45 Pita Pit

Not bad but not great. Everything always tastes pretty good but when I order delivery, my pita is always wrapped very poorly with the fillings falling out. They always do a better job when I order in the store. Probably bc they have to make it infront of you. Sometimes the employees are a bit rude but the good food makes up for it.

Rating: 2

JucyJobin Pita Pit

I would like to start by saying that I've worked in the fast food industry and had my fair share of bad days in the kitchen. I would not typically comment on sites such as this for a poor restaurant experience here in Lawrence. That being said, i would argue the last time i was at Pita Pit in Lawrence was borderline discriminatory. The fellow in front of me was treated respectfully and likely had a four star experience. When it came time for the same employee to make my order, he acted uninterested, uninvolved, and very moody. This was nowhere near closing time, just before 10:00 PM actually. He kicked a "to-go" bag around on the ground as he was taking my order, did not slice my gyro meat as he did the customer ahead of me, when i asked if the red peppers were pimiento's he shot back coldly while shaking his head annoyedly that they were "red peppers, nothing fancy." I then asked what the sauce of choice was for the gyro which must have just ruined his entire night because he turned around to flip my gyro meat and said "It's tzatziki sauce, dude." I'm not sure what put him in such a piss poor mood as a walked up to the counter that evening but I know for a fact if I'm about to be served by the same individual I will undoubtedly ask for another employee to make my pita.

the pita was fair enough, but paying around $7 for a so-so pita and awful experience will never be worth it.

Sorry Pita Pit, we just weren't meant to be I suppose.

Rating: 4

cbohnstedt Pita Pit

It's not fine dining, but if you're looking for something quick and relatively cheap, Pita Pit is a good stop. Sometimes the veggies are a little less fresh than I'd like, but it's never been sub-par quality.

Rating: 5

Keith Conklin Pita Pit

I always visit The Pita Pit when I come to Lawrence good food made fresh to order. They have great philly's cheesesteaks meat is cooked fresh when you order. You get your choice of either white or wheat pita bread.

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