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  • Phone: 785-865-5454

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Rating: 3

Erin England Pinnacle Woods Apartments

The grounds are very nice as well as the apartments. Pet friendly.

Business reply pinnaclemanager replies...

We are sorry to hear that you are upset, we take the happiness of our residents very seriously.

We do follow up on all noise complaints. If an illegal pet is deemed to be causing the noise our policy requires it to be registered for the safety of our staff and other residents. If the dog owner has not contacted the office before we are made aware of an unregistered pet we will ask that it is registered within 5 days.

We did report the incident to the property manager, who was not present in that conversation, to handle it. Our Tech did say at his former company there was an employee who would make jokes about marijuana, he did not say he was going to steal it. We do not generally discuss all of our follow up procedures with 3rd party vendors as they drop off keys.

We are truly sorry that you are upset and will continue to try to handle every situation in a way that keeps the happiness of our residents in mind while following the rules and policies set out in our lease agreement.