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Paul Davis Restoration

Rating: 5

CampusCourt Paul Davis Restoration

We have utilized Paul Davis Restoration at our property for several years now. They are more than accommodating with last minute carpet cleaning appointments and we have never been disappointed by their level of service or professionalism. During the annual rental turn, they work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines to ensure our apartments are ready for new tenants. We would strongly recommend Paul Davis Restoration for anyone with carpet cleaning, remodeling or restoration needs.

Rating: 5

GrandManagement Paul Davis Restoration

Our company has used Paul Davis Restoration for years. Very accomodating on rental turnovers - most times at last minute. Would HIGHLY recommend.

Rating: 1

ddeckert Paul Davis Restoration

I needed a carpet cleaning company in Lawrence, KS & heard Paul Davis Restoration was a reputable company. However, after the experience I had, I will never recommend them. Items had been stolen from my townhouse after the cleaning and restoration crew had completed their work. When I confronted Paul Davis Restoration and filed a police report, they said they had no control of who had access to my residence. However, I personally gave them a key to use for the 3 hours of cleaning. The key was returned to me and I was told that the stolen items were not their responsibility?! When a laptop computer, tools, etc get stolen and the replacement costs = more than $2,000, the company needs to reassess their crews and the personel they use. Never use Paul Davis Restoration for any Lawrence, Topeka, or Kansas City carpet cleaning, remodeling, restoration or contracting. If there is any issue at all, they will place blame on the consumer. The ethical standard this company dipped down to is ridiculous and would have never been expected from such a business in the Lawrence, KS community. I'm ashamed and disappointed to say the least...