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Mold Removal

Read all about our mold removal services here.

Mold exists everywhere and grows in damp environments. Mold can create both a health risk as well as cause structural damage to your home. If your home or property has a musty smell or otherwise suspect you may have mold, Call Paul! We are ready to help when you need us.

You can contact a member of our staff at Paul Davis in Lawrence, KS any time by calling the phone number listed above, or enter a message with the “Get Help Now!” button.

In order to efficiently remediate mold, professional technicians should be hired. The mold experts at Paul Davis in Lawrence, KS have certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Paul Davis in Lawrence, KS will inspect all the mold damage existing in your home. This assessment, which may include consulting with a professional hygienist, is conducted to decide the proper remediation process. We will then complete the work and use clearance testing as needed to make sure that the remediation was effective and no further steps are needed.

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