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Parkway Storage

Rating: 1

jdletterman Parkway Storage

I got behind talked to the man and made up a payment he said we were ok, two weeks went by called him to tell him i was coming by to pay him off, he said sure come by tommorrow at 4pm, the next day at 2pm he calls me and tells me he accidently sold my unit at auction. I made my last payment to him in cash, only because i had been doing buisness with him for nearly a year, apparently he forgot to input my payment, he most likly put it in his pocket, this made it look like i was 3 mths behind.Long story short the idiot that runs the place pocketed my payment and them sold the contents of my unit which included all my 8 years old daughters winter clothes, christmas tree, all orniments she had made and alot of toys and my tools. The mans name is pete and he lives at the storage facility and he is never at the desk and good luck getting him on the phone.

Rating: 5

gypsygirl Parkway Storage

Parkway Pete is very professional and helpful! He helped get me into a storage unit at the last minute, when I was moving. Great location, private and convenient.