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Papa Keno's Pizzeria

Rating: 5

Cal84 Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I went down to Keno's for the first time with my roommates and think it's awesome. The slices are huge and it's delicious. I got the Brutus, which was great - and we sat on the back patio and listened to some great music from Tyler Gregory. Cool vibe, good music, great food. Would recommend to everyone.

Rating: 5

Maddie_Smith Papa Keno's Pizzeria

Amaaaaaazingly good pizza. I always get the Brutus. Haven't been disappointed yet! The beer could be cheaper though...

Rating: 5

Brandon Graham Papa Keno's Pizzeria

Pizza is the best in town. This is a true Lawrence institution. Nothing else compares.

Rating: 5

5thgeneration Papa Keno's Pizzeria

Papa Keno's is back!!!!!!!! It appears that being under new management has really breathed new life into one of downtown Lawrence's most famous pizza joints. This is the Keno's of bygone days!!!!!!!

Rating: 5

216JHAWK Papa Keno's Pizzeria

Great Slices! Think Keno's is the best Pizza in Lawrence, hands down. The slices are huge, and have a great really thin crispy crust. Excellent selection of toppings, and their specialty slices are really good. Five stars!

Rating: 5

Bailey Perkins Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I'm not the type to typically leave reviews, but this was a must. Could not believe the satisfaction from today's visit! Placed an order around 4:30pm and received a call that it would need to be picked up (delivery guy problem...). Anyway, upon picking up the order, also received 50% off, a free order of cheese sticks AND free cookies. Can't believe they did so much to make sure we were satisfied customers!

Employees at the restaurant were really nice, too!

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I've been getting slices at Keno's for 12 years and I keep getting them b/c they are so good. Huge slices and yummy! In the past the customer service has been lacking but recently it's been very enjoyable. I don't care about their financial status, managerial problems or any of's about the food, that is what review's should be based on.

Rating: 5

Sara Wolfe Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I took my parents here on Saturday night and was informed that they had just come under new management. Usually, this is a red flag because it means things have the potential to be disorganized and slow, but our experience was quite the opposite. The staff was extremely helpful and kind (even showed the utmost patience when it took my dad 10 minutes to decide what he wanted and even had a couple of special requests), the food was out fast, our slices were delicious and it was a good time had by all.