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Oh Boy Chicken

Rating: 5

jcpainting Oh Boy Chicken

I walk by this place alot, always thought fried chickens was good Idea for Lawrence. I finally went in last weekend. To my surprise, the chicken was amazing! Supposedly they've one best hand fried chicken in kc. I was kinda worried at first being gluten free and all but it seems better. Ive also heard a radio ad for the place opening the window on mass, that would be aweet!! you cany go wrong with the 3 pieces and a side of mash.

Rating: 1

Cassie Finch Oh Boy Chicken

Walking down Mass the menu always catches my eye. Finally I gave in and my family tried it. While everyone who worked there was nice, that's about all I have good to say.

It took forever for our food to come out (about 40min) and there were only 2 other tables seated. The price of the food is pretty expensiveThe sides are 2.99 and of course come in the smallest bowl made. I ordered the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese. My husband ordered the 2 piece, greens, and mac & cheese.

-Chicken fried steak: tasted like flour, and that is all -Mashed potatoes: had NO flavor at all -Mac & Cheese: it was good, but it's just noodles and velveta...kind of hard to mess up -2 pieces of chicken: My husband said the coating had a nice flavor Greens: were the worst. All you could taste was vinegar

We complained about the food because we felt at the high price, there should have been no problems with flavor. We only had to pay for 2 drinks, the mac & cheese, and my husbands chicken and our total was still over $20. While I love supporting local places, this will not be on our list to try again. I wish Southern Cuisine was still at this location

Rating: 3

tzeidel91 Oh Boy Chicken

Actually, now on Mass in The Orient. Amazing gluten free chicken, Cajun mashed potatoes and hush puppies. Yum, yum!