O Cafe

1530 W. 6th St., Suite E, Lawrence, KS 66044


Open today until 9 p.m.

Taste the unique and flavorful dishes of Korea right here in Lawrence, Kansas at O Cafe.

Visit our website for a visual hint of the tastes and smells that you'll soon be thrilling your stomach with. Bring a friend and visit Korea right here in Lawrence!

O Cafe: the character "O" represents peace and tranquility in Korean culture. The restaurant makes a point to play soothing music in its dining room, and hopes people not only find good food but also find relaxation as they enjoy their meal.

The restaurant offers beef, chicken and pork bulgogis, a dish of either marinated beef, chicken or pork. Some of the marinades are very spicy, but we have plenty of flavorful menu items with the heat dialed way down.

We also specialize in something called BBB, which is an an abbreviation for bibimbap. My understanding is bibimbap is a dish that includes a bowl of rice, sautéed vegetables, a chili pepper paste, and is topped with either beef, chicken, pork and an egg. Mix it all up, and you have a dish that may be as fun to eat as it is to say. (But not to spell. I finally gave up and handed my notebook to Cho.)

Our menu also includes fried dumplings, a few tofu dishes, and everything from beef to tuna rolls and a tasty little appetizer of Korean sweet potatoes that it hands out like chips and salsa.