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Nail Essentials

Rating: 1

JRL Nail Essentials

RUDE! I phoned in an appointment. I requested acrylic soak off, new gel nails and paint toe nails. I go in and the male tech doesn't even say good morning rather seems put out that I am there. I tell him I was there for soak off and I just want my toenails painted no gel and he says they don't have time and I explained to him I am saving him time, he did not care just soaked off my acrylics and was rather rude about it and never tried to accommodate me, a customer!

Rating: 5

w87oak Nail Essentials

Very nice & reasonably priced. However, you do need to call a few days ahead to get an appointment. The atmosphere is quiet & relaxing, and the owners/nail techs are very friendly! I have been many, many times & would recommend to anyone.

Rating: 5

acottrell Nail Essentials

Very clean environment! Nail techs take their time, make sure your comfortable and are very thorough! I've tried all other places in town and this is probably the best one! Totally worth the price!