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Custom Pool Installation

Our highly trained pool team will be with you every step, from start to finish of your swimming pool project. We pride ourselves on communication and professionalism while we construct your pool. Our craftsmen take pride in their work and we want the customer to be involved in each phase to completion. Often times construction projects can be stressfull for the owner. We go out of our way to make the pool project as enjoyable as possible. In the end, the reward will be a quality project ready for years and years of enjoyment.

A pool shell is made of steel-reinforced concrete that is designed to resist the pressure of shifting soil, temperature changes and continuous exposure to the elements. The inside surface is waterproofed with epoxy paint that rarely needs refinishing. There are color choices. There is a line of ceramic, frost-proof tile at the waterline for ease of cleaning and to add visual interest. We have many styles of coping available. Coping is the material at the edge of a pool. You can choose from precast stone, brick, molded concrete, or fieldstone. Basic pool equipment circulates the water and filters it. Other equipment can be added to heat the water, clean the pool, and/or chemically treat the water. Before costs can be estimated, you'll need to decide if you want

  • automatic chlorinator
  • automatic cleaner
  • pool heater
  • diving board
  • underwater lights
  • steps
  • fountains or other water features.