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Meineke Car Care Center

Rating: 1

connorryan32 Meineke Car Care Center

Now that I'm reading these reviews, the way that they treated me makes sense. I got coupons in the mail from these asshats so I thought I'd try them out. First of all, the coupons weren't even coupons. They were the prices they always offer. Being scammed by an auto place before you even bring your car in is a bad sign. Secondly, the place was filthy. Not auto garage filthy, but truck stop restroom filthy. A garage should smell like oil and gasoline. This place smelled like a porter potty. Lastly, the employees were extremely rude. They weren't interested in my business. People say this kind of thing all the time, but they literally turned me away. I came in at 5:30 to get my oil changed. They close at 6:00. They told me it was too late. "We're closing things down man. We close at six, BRO." Eloquently put guys. It's always fun to be sarcastically yelled at by someone without a high school diploma. Fun times.

Rating: 4

sam1957tr Meineke Car Care Center

I bought a discount card at work and went in for the oil change, i mentioned a rattle sound when i drive. Eric listened to the car and found i had a bad exhaust part . $130.00 later the noise was gone. All of the employees were great. i will be bringing my car back there for now on !

Rating: 1

Ford_Runner87 Meineke Car Care Center

Worst automotive shop in Lawrence by far. Service is terrible I felt extremely uncomfortable in there. The manager Eric is creepy and pushes to sell anything even if ur vehicle does not need it. And not to mention and I'm sorry to say this but he smells terrible. I could not hardly stand to talk face to face with him. Also I caught him starring down my shirt a couple time which made the experience even worse. I already felt uncomfortable their and that did not help. I will not be returning or will I ever recommend anyone to go there especially since that was my first time going their and that was the service I received. STAY AWAY

Rating: 5

tamsbest Meineke Car Care Center

I have been going here for years and have found them to be a very helpful place, as a female I trust them . I went in 2 weeks ago for a grinding sound. they took me into the shop and showed me what was wrong and why they wanted to replace the parts. i had to get new brake pads and rotors but Eric helped me call around and get quotes to prove they had a good price plus the lifetime warranty is great my jeep is quiet now and i trust them with all my needs, and I tell all my freinds to go there and they have all had great service.

Rating: 1

kuwiley Meineke Car Care Center

Wow, wish I had read the reviews on here before I went there. Before seeing or testing anything in the car, he told my husband he knew exactly what the problem and just happened to have the perfect used part1/2 off, come to find out the part was conveniently from the managers personal truck. Anyway, there was no talk of a return policy besides whats on back of the paper, 90 days. My husband tried to return it 2 days because it didn't fix the problem and eventually said we could have a refund, when I call a week later, manager absolutely rude and obnoxious, and to my disbelief the owner was worse. Idk how they have managed to keep it open this long. the part works, it just wasn't the "perfect" part .in my opinion he probably just pocketed the cash. When I asked the owner if they sold used parts from their homes, just laying, around and he said "on occasion" ??? they have $141 and I have their part with that is of no use to me. Glad I could help fund their weekend. RIP OFF!

lawrencian622 replies...

You should definitely try to get your money back! This is not a lawful practice on their part and is against Meineke's policies. I too have been ripped off by these guys and talking to the manager about this was a complete waste of time. If nothing works, you should definitely complain to the Meineke's direct customer service. The lawrence franchise operation is not upto meineke's standards.

Rating: 1

lawrencian622 Meineke Car Care Center

Meineke is a good corporate chain and usually have high quality service for the money you pay. Most importantly they will entertain you if you come back with a problem you encounter with their repairs. BUT THE MEINEKE IN LAWRENCE IS A FRANCHISED LOCATION AND IS THE WORST EVER. THE MANAGER (SERVICE DESK PERSON) HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS WHATSOEVER. HIS ONLY AIM IS TO FAKE "HOW CUSTOMERS COME FIRST FOR MEINEKE"- WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE AT THIS LOCATION. THE MANAGER'S ONLY AIM IS TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN!!

-Their prices are hiked up no doubt. -They will advertise coupons and then not accept them with a stupid reason like "oh ur car is 4.0 L engine" or "ur car is a european car", this coupon doesn't cover ur car. The manager will try to fool you into paying more than their price list, unless you're smart to catch that. -If you ask for discount, or say you don't want the service done after you hear the price, they'll quickly drop their price down and give you a 10 % discount, which makes you think they want business badly, but would love to make that extra cash by fooling the customer if they're not smart enough. -MOST IMPORTANT!!!-----THEY'LL CHARGE YOU A WHOLE LOT, AND END UP PUTTING THE CHEAPEST BRAND NAME FLUIDS. THEY'LL MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THEY GAVE YOU A 10 $ DISCOUNT ON BRAKES OR OIL CHANGES OR ANY OTHER FLUID CHANGES, AND WILL END UP PUTTING "ADVANCED AUTO PARTS" BRAND FLUIDS- THE CHEAPEST AVAILABLE EVEN IF THOSE FLUIDS ARE NOT TO SPECIFICATIONS OF YOUR CAR. ADVANCED AUTO PARTS IS NEXT DOOR AND THEY JUST MAKE MONEY OUT OF THAT TOO, SINCE THEY PROBABLY GET A WHOLESALE PRICE!

Rating: 1

lahothan Meineke Car Care Center

Run! This place is a nightmare. I took it in 6 months ago to get new front brakes because they were having a half off sale. They told me it would take an hour. It took three hours, and I was late to work. After they gave me the car I quickly drove off to get to work and noticed my car was dragging. I took it back, and it turns out I drove over a mile with the brakes fully depressed. There was brake dust everywhere, but they didn't replace the pads, they just fixed it and gave me a free oil change.

A week ago, my back brakes went out, so I took it back in for them to check out. They told me that both brakes needed new drums and shoes. They also told me I needed new belts for my AC, power steering, and alternator. The estimate they gave me for these services was $650, which included half off of shoes. The manager of the place told me they could have it done that day, and I said no because I had to be to class and I needed to make a few phone calls before I did anything. His response was that he could take me to class. I said no, I don't have the money, I don't want to do anything today. He said that I could call my parents and have them pay over the phone. I said no, I don't want to do anything today. He then asked me when I would bring it back to have it done. I said I didn't know. He asked whether Thursday or Friday would work for me. I then demanded he give me my car back for at least the 5th time before he came around to giving me the key. I couldn't believe I got this kind of response from the manager of the shop. I ended up taking my car to a guy in Topeka and he did all of the above for $158. That's a $492 difference for the exact same service. Do. Not. Go. Here. Ever!

Rating: 1

zed85 Meineke Car Care Center

Stay away from this place. Took my car in for a new muffler and they said I needed a new water pump and timing belt as well. Those had been replaced by my mechanic just a few months earlier. There are much better and more reputable choices for auto repair services in Lawrence.