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Mark's Fine Jewelry / Custom Jewelry


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Custom Jewelry

Unable to find all the right details in a single piece? Do you have loose stones or jewlery that are outdated or worn out? Is that style you envision eluding you?

Custom manufacturing not only solves those issues, but it can be the most successful means of your truest self expression. And creating your own uniquely cast, one of a kind piece is far less intimidating than most people assume.

We begin with photos, advertisements, and/or drawings to pinpoint the features you desire. We incorporate them into a replica of your ideal in wax. During the wax phase you have the ability to fine tune any details. Once the wax model is to your specifications, your jewelry is cast. This is done through a lost wax process with any color of Karat gold and/or platinum. Your jewelry is then hand finished and hand set with diamonds and/or gems.

Marks has staff well experienced with sketching, wax carving, casting, finishing, and setting to escort you through the process to an exciting and breathtaking end result!