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Natural Stone Patio

A hardscape is any permanent stone structure or component of your landscape. Low Maintenance Landscape specializes in the art of building hardscapes from natural stone.
We design Hardscapes to add function, usefulness, added outdoor living space, and long lasting beauty to your property. We can build any of the following; natural flagstone patios, stepping stone paths, antique brick patios & sidewalks, natural stone retaining walls & sitting walls, natural stone outcroppings, natural stone edging, riverbeds, accent boulders, decorative rock mulch and stone fire pits & fireplaces.

At Low Maintenance Landscape, flagstone patio construction work is the best quality you will find. There are 6 characteristics to good quality patio; if you scrimp on even one of them, the entire patio is compromised. Our flagstone patios are constructed using 2-3" thick, high quality hardened sandstone slabs measuring up to 5' accross. The spacing between stones averages 1/4" and is constructed on a 6" thick machine compacted AB-3 and sand base. This may sound like a bunch of blah, but you should really read the six questions below before paying anyone thousands of dollars to install a flagstone patio for you.

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