Rating: 3

Catherine Shenoy Local Burger

I want to love this place, but... The food just doesn't taste very good. The elk and other burgers are dry and taste like cardboard. Sometimes you get a decent side dish, but sometimes it's just bad. I hate the self-service water. They used to have some decent barbecue sauces and mustards for the burgers. Now it's an extra quarter. If the food were great I wouldn't mind paying. The best thing is the veggie burger. Now you can get it in the grocery store. No reason to go any more.

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum Local Burger

Local, organic and sustainable are three things always on the menu here and what makes this place a legend. Years ago this place led a national charge towards focusing on healthy food that is locally sourced whenever possible. Sure, things may occasionally cost a bit more here, but anyone who knows food politics knows that cheap food comes out rather expensive.

Instead of purchasing food at rock-bottom subsidized prices (corn anyone?), owner Hilary Brown focuses on the impact food has on our community. That means you pay more to get quality ingredients because suppliers typically are local and thus want to pay a living wage. The beef isn't imported from Argentina and the vegetables from China, but usually places more exotic like Baldwin and Tonganoxie. You can actually drive out and see these farms to know where the food comes from.

The menu often changes due to supplies and the whim and experimentation of the chefs. Diners with food allergies will love this place because you can ask the exact ingredients of practically any item on the menu. While the place isn't gluten free, gluten free is often an option on many dishes.
Vegetarians will adore this place because she has the World Best Veggie Burger: that's its name and it 100% lives up to it. This isn't fake meat, but a healthy protein mix of ancient grains such as quinoa (a protein powerhouse) fried up in extra virgin coconut oil that is rich in lauric acid. You can even buy multipacks to go.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and fan them on Facebook to find out their daily specials!

Rating: 5

Monica Shafii Local Burger

Great service, delicious ingredients and awesome portions. I love Local Burger!