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Legends Place

Rating: 1

Kate22 Legends Place

THE WORST APARTMENT IN LAWRENCE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. The manager, Amy Swofford is impossible to get ahold of, and even when you do she is completely useless and rude. I have never heard a good thing about her. She will charge for things and damage that you did not do. They do not listen to anything you have to say and are probably the rudest business I have ever come across. Everything in the apartment is dirty, old and has mold. They do not actually clean these apartments before move-in. The carpets all have stains and tables have marks and are disgusting. Definitely the worst apartment in Lawrence by far. I would advice anyone to live at the Connection, or Grove, or anywhere else for that matter. Legends is a horribly run business by a manager who is never there and does not care.