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Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, LLC

Rating: 5

JDeines Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, LLC

Drs. Dinsdale, Segebrecht, Reussner and Martinez are wonderfully talented doctors. Thank you!!!

Rating: 1

ProudKansas Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, LLC

Not the best place to buy a hearing aid. Needed to go to someone else for follow up.

Rating: 5

MGremminger Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, LLC

Dr. Lee Reussner and Jennifer Cannady are incredible. A few years ago I had developed a minor polyp on my vocal chords, and as a singer- you could imagine that I was a WRECK with worry and stress and my instrument. I saw two ENTs in the Kansas City area for opinions, and they both independently recommended Dr. Reussner at The Kansas Voice Center here in Lawrence. Not only were absolutely reassuring, but they respected me as a musician and understood that as a performer, it was a lot more than merely "having a sore throat".

I would recommend any vocalist or person dealing with vocal fatigue, make an appointment! If you're not in Lawrence- it would still be worth your drive. This team is the best!