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Lawrence Pawn & Jewelry

Rating: 5

the12stringslinger Lawrence Pawn & Jewelry

What pawn shops were like before reality tv got to some of the people. I went there back then I still go there now, it's rare I buy anything but if they had what I wanted I'd buy it from them in a heart beat. Honest people. Definitely a must over Jayhawk pawn. 5 stars because the atmosphere is nice, the people are great, the customer matters (always worth more than a star), and they are knowledgeable of what they sell.

Rating: 5

jdavis739 Lawrence Pawn & Jewelry

vary nice and friendly people and even though they couldn't buy from me being that they already had tons of guitars they told me how and how much I could sell it for.

Rating: 5

rblock Lawrence Pawn & Jewelry

I have been in this shop many times over the years and find they are fair and honest people. Good to talk to and very helpful.