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Latest News

No Classes Thanksgiving Weekend

Classes resume on Monday, please enjoy the break.

Special Classes Saturday Nov. 17

Two special classes this week: ba gua zhang from 2-4 PM for $10, OR kendo from 4:30-5:30 ($5). Please contact us in advance to register.

Another class on Sat. Oct. 20!

Yes, number three: we'll also do kendo from 4:45 to 5:45, only $6 for the class (unless you have already pre-paid for a discount). This class will be geared to people with little or no kendo experience. Please contact us IN ADVANCE if you would like to join. We can provide bamboo swords (shinai) for a limited number of participants.

Special Classes on Saturday Oct. 20

Lawrence Martial Arts will host a Kung Fu Clinic on Sat. October 20 from 1 - 2:30 PM for our currently enrolled students to work more deeply on their forms.

We will also host an introductory ba gua zhang (pa kua) class on October 20 from 2:30- 4:30 PM. This lesson will cover the fundamentals of ba gua footwork, basic palms, and palm changes.

The cost for either class is $10. Please contact us IN ADVANCE if you wish to join.

No class Sunday Oct. 14

Sorry but we will not have class on Sunday October 14. All other classes we continue as scheduled.

Kids Kung Fu

Congratulations to the six kids who have tested and passed at Lawrence Martial Arts. The next test will be in December and I look forward to a larger number of kids testing.

Please note that classes at LMA (Tuesday and Thursday) will start at 4:30, giving people a bit more time to come in after school. While geared toward elementary aged kids, we do accept students of all ages.

Eudora classes will continue on their Mon-Wed schedule (4:00 - 5:15 PM). Of course, Lawrence Parks and Rec classes will continue as usual (Sundays, 1:00 - 2:30 PM).

Come and give us a try at LMA -- anyone can take a free trial lesson!

Kung Fu Testing

We are testing this week and the Eudora class got off to a good start tonight -- they will continue on Wednesday. Thanks to all who came to the pre-testing Kung Fu Clinic last Friday, it was quite successful.

Other classes will be testing this week and / or next, so be sure to contact us if you want to test (you must have started by July 2012 or earlier).

Kung Fu Clinic

Kung Fu testing will be held next week (Sept 24-30 in Eudora and Lawrence classes. To help the students prepare, we will host a Kids' Kung Fu Clinic at Lawrence Martial Arts (1407 Massachusetts). It will run from 5 - 6:30 PM and will cost $10. Any current student of LMA / P&R classes may attend.

Kung Fu Testing

Be watching for news about kung fu tests for our kids' classes at the end of September. We are instituting a testing program as a motivator for kids and as a measure of their progress. We will also have special practices over the next couple weeks to help the kids prepare for testing.

Lawrence Dokokai formed

Now seeking students who wish to learn the weapons arts taught in Okinawa. Many people who practice karate also learn these weapons, but many practice just the weapons, The art is called Ryukyu Kobudo, meaning the old martial arts of the Okinawa Islands. We are affiliated with Ryukyu Shimbukan (Akamine Hiroshi Sensei). Our organization focuses on the bo staff as the fundamental weapon, but also adds training with the sai, tonfa, and other weapons. Contact Lawrence Martial Arts for more information.

Eudora Kung Fu demo a success

We joined another Eudora Family Fun Night for our second outdoor demo. The kids did very well in both performances, showing the first 3 basic kung fu forms as well as doing some sparring. Thanks to all kids who joined, and to all parents for your support.

NO CLASS Fri. Aug. 17

Due to another outdoor kung fu demo for Eudora Family Fun Night. Regular schedule will continue from Sunday Aug 19 at 3 PM.

Late Summer Schedule

AT LAST, the late summer schedule is available. We'll have tai chi class Tues / Fri nights at 6 PM, and kids kung fu classes on Tues / Thurs at 4:15 PM (from August 14). There will be one regularly scheduled kendo class, at 4 PM on Fridays (with others by appointment). Don't forget Sunday afternoons at 3 PM (tai chi, tai chi sword).

Kids Kung Fu

Our Wednesday evening Kids Kung Fu class is growing. Once the school year begins in mid-August, we will switch to an earlier time slot (4:00) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This class is geared toward elementary school children and will give them an excellent foundation in the martial arts.

Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese Kendo (the art of the sword) - Wed and Fri from 4 PM - 5 PM. One lesson for $6 or pre-pay four lessons for $20.

Ryukyu Kobudo (the weapons arts of Okinawa) - coming soon on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Workshop

July 22 from 3-5 PM, Jimmy Betts of KC will introduce the Hun Yuan Tai Ji Qi Gong form. This will be the first of many such workshops to come. Contact us in advance to register.

Lawrence Martial Arts

Big news - we are now the sole occupants of the space at 1407 Massachusetts. Stay tuned -- new and expanded class schedule is coming soon.

Sunday schedule

Please note - classes will be held from 1030 AM - noon on July 8 and 15, instead of the 3 - 430 PM time slot.

July 4 holiday

No morning class on July 4. Also, no kids kung fu on July 4-5-6, but we are planning on the usual Chinese martial arts class on Friday July 6 from 5 PM to 630 PM.

Kendo Classes

Kendo classes are off to a good start. Come and learn the basics of handling a Japanese sword. We use bamboo swords and wear protective armor, so it is quite safe and fun. Contact us for more details.

Japanese Sword Seminar

Mid-June was a very active time, as I traveled up to Minnesota for Tim Jurgens Sensei's tournament. I gave a kendo demo (lots of interest but no teachers in Lonsdale / Mankato area) and served as head ref for the Sword Sparring division of the tournament -- basically the padded foam swords of Sports Chambura, but with kendo rules. The next day I offered a seminar on Japanese sword -- intro to iaido in the morning, and intro to kendo in the afternoon. Feedback was good, and they want me back for a longer seminar next time!

Japanese Martial Arts

Until now, we have focused solely on the Chinese martial arts. We are now opening classes in Japanese sword work, as well as the weapons of Okinawa (Ryukyu Kobudo). Contact us for details.


I leave tomorrow at 6 AM to teach a Japanese sword seminar in Minnesota, so no classes in Lawrence Fri June 15 - Sun June 17 (regular schedule after that).


Just picked them up today. Two-sided, deep purple or dark green. Lawrence Martial Arts logo on the front, great pic on the back.