LMH Therapy Services

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 LMH Therapy Services

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At Kreider Rehabilitation Services we provide a full range of services and programs. Some of the services offered include physical therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy with a certified hand therapist, speech-language therapy, work hardening/work conditioning programs, sports medicine and manual therapy. Many specialized programs are available from experienced staff including lymphedema, balance training and urinary incontinence to name a few.

The treatment philosphy of Kreider Rehabiliation Services is to help the people we serve reach a higher level of function and wellness. We are guided by a commitment to quality and service, which provides patients the opportunity to be seen by the same highly, qualified professional staff member throughout the course of their treatment. This standard of care allows for continuity of care and progression through their program in a timely and cost effective manner. The friendly, caring and professional attitude of all employees will help patients achieve their highest functional outcome.