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Keith Jones DDS

Rating: 5

JimT Keith Jones DDS

Some 30 years ago, shortly after he started his practice, our family became patients of Keith Jones. We all benefited from regular care and minimal dental concerns. Early on, we found him to be professional, sensitive and caring. Over time, we all developed a sincere trust and comfort level. My two sons have continued this process and success in their current adult lives. My wife, Sandie, has had extensive work with excellent results because of his skill and understanding. It was during a regular visit in the summer of 2008 that Keith remarked, “perhaps you might consider getting these fellows straightened out.” He was referring to my bottom front teeth most directly as well as my upper fronts. Well, there was minimal hesitation from me. Keith recommended an orthodontist and the rest is simply history. In September of 2008, at 63, I received a complete set of upper and lower orthodontic metal appliances --- braces! In September of 2011, the braces came off. Wow, a perfect bite circle! I always liked to, even more so. And my regular professional dental cleanings are a snap!! Keith is contemporary and caring. His equipment and technology are first class as are the staff members who work with him. His practice is centered on dental wellness…from the advocacy of a Sonicare brush to his frank evaluations. More importantly, his observations, dialogue and referral in my recent experience, all contributed to a major significant lifestyle change for me…the patient.

Rating: 5

JamesH Keith Jones DDS

My sojourns into the realms of dentistry before I met Dr. Keith Jones had been , shall we say , less than stellar. So much so that I had developed a real fear of all dentists and looked upon them as blood kin to the Spanish Inquisitors. So great was my mental block that it rivaled Gibraltar in its solidarity and the very thought of sitting in the chair waiting for a tooth to be filled sent my flesh to crawling. Upon the insistence of my wife, I made an appointment with Dr. Jones. Had the decision been mine alone I would have endured the ach in my jaw in the mistaken belief that it would somehow mend itself. What I found at 647 Country Club Terrace changed my outlook and put my fears to rest. 
These folks are friendly, professional, and show a tangible pride in the service they provide. 
They will not settle for anything but the best. Often going the second mile to make sure their client is given every consideration. I have had extensive work done under the care of these folks and look on them as friends. You can do no better than Keith Jones and his staff. In this matter my bark is every bit as good as my bite.

Rating: 5

CharlesB Keith Jones DDS

Our entire family have been patients of Dr. Keith Jones at the Lawrence Dental Center for many years. I cannot imagine having to find another dentist. Dr. Jones uses the finest materials that money can buy, as well as incorporating the very latest technology available in the practice of dentistry. His "chairside manner" is second to none. The staff is friendly, efficient, and accommodating. We have referred several people to Dr. Jones and have never heard even one complaint. We appreciate the professionalism of Dr. Jones and his entire staff.

Rating: 5

ShirleyW Keith Jones DDS

From the minute you open the door to the office you'll have a great experience. The staff at Dr. Jones office are not only professional but, caring and friendly. I really appreciate the individualized care from both Dr. Jones and his staff. 
Dr. Jones is the best! I can highly recommend him especially if you have any fear of being in a dental office. I have been a patient of his for 4 years. He is gentle, caring and has a passion for what he does.He has always provided me with high quality dentistry and does excellent work. He believes in taking the time to listen fully and carefully to my individual needs and explains in an effective and simple way for me to understand. I started with crowns on my front teeth during early childhood and I have had two sets of crowns from my teens and adult life. Over a year ago my crowns on my front teeth were worn and really needed to be replaced. Dr. Keith Jones gave me my smile back. I am so happy and proud of the new crowns that I smile all the time now. Thank you Dr. Keith Jones!

Rating: 5

kellyJ Keith Jones DDS

“Every staff member, from the receptionist, to the hygienists, to the dental assistants, to the dentist… EVERYONE is courteous and ::extremely capable::
at what they do.”


Rating: 5

dhester Keith Jones DDS

Over 13 years ago I desperately needed dental help. Gums were receding, one or two root canals possible, my own hygiene routine was terrible. I delayed going to a dentist because I truly hate pain in my mouth and the 'cattle car' approach of so many practices. A friend suggested Dr Keith Jones and his staff. They took their time with me to explain what my issues were; they assured me that pain was not a part of their technique; and they carefully yet properly got me into a routine of consistent dental health care that has benefited me now and into the future. They are very careful to insure I remain comfortable throughout any procedures required. Dr Jones is so professional yet extremely personable in his 'chair-side' manner! The reception assistant, Shirley, is just first class in all ways. Warm, friendly, yet greatly capable to handle whatever insurance issues you may have. The hygienist I use, Genee, is so good that I seldom use any novacaine for simple cleanings as I used to do!
Anyone with the slightest concerns over great quality of dental care would do themselves a favor by trying this practice. You won't be dumb if you don't, but you might qualify for a Stuck On Stupid Award.

Rating: 5

ddenmark Keith Jones DDS

I wanted to express my most sincere appreciation for the dental care, and humane concern that you have provided Sandi and I over these past few years. As a retired army officer I have travelled the world and, necessarily, was always forced to engage a new dentist at each seceding location. In truth, Sir, this was never an easy task for me. I have always had an irrational, nearly visceral fear of dentists. As a reflection of these emotions, I never felt that I truly bonded with my primary dental care providers. Nor did I desire to. Since transferring to, and ultimately retiring in Lawrence, Kansas, we have had the very great pleasure of associating with you, and your staff of dedicated and caring professionals. The first thing that impressed me about you is that you never attempt to massage my ego when advising me, nor do you seem inclined to judge me for lapses in dental care. Your comments are relevant, directional, medicinally indicated and clearly understandable to a neophyte such as myself. Secondly, when I whine and snivel about having to accept responsibility for my own dental welfare, you hold me accountable for my own welfare (long over-due). And you do it in a respectful manner.

Just as importantly, your concern for our welfare and your obvious humaneness is palpable. You are a good man, sir...and you may quote me. Lastly, and hopefully acceptably to you, your employees frequently hug me when I come in.'s sorta like coming home.

Thank you for all that you do for us.

Don D. US Army, retired

Rating: 5

chester Keith Jones DDS

Dr. Keith Jones has been our dentist for nearly 20 years, and the quality of care he, Genee, and Shirley provide is second-to-none. In addition to offering the best dental care I've ever had, Dr. Jones and his staff offer that care with the highest degree of compassion and professionalism. We recently moved away from the Lawrence area, and we now live about an hour from Dr. Jones' office. There is a long list of approved dentists in our insurance network that are much closer to our home, but we have not even considered switching to one of those dentists. After all, when you have the best, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Peace and joy,


Rating: 5

Monica Taylor Keith Jones DDS

I've been a patient of Dr. Jones and Genée, my hygienist, for 7 years, and have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with Lawrence Dental Centre. In that time, I've had some restorative work done, including two crowns. They look so natural, no one will ever know the difference. I trust Dr. Jones with my dental care because he does meticulous work and always carefully explains options in terms of cost and benefit –– never trying to sell you something you don't need or ask for. Genée is extremely knowledgeable and caring, and I always look forward to seeing her.