Jefferson's Restaurant

743 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044


Jefferson's Restaurant

Open today until 10 p.m.


In the fall of '91 a college graduate decided to get into the restaurant business at his alma mater. He knew a little about Hot Wings and a lot about beer. He wanted to open a place to satisfy both. It was a small college town in the Deep South. There were many hurdles and mountains of red tape to deal with before opening. After selling all of his old basketball cards for financing, he opened and the business took off and continues today. During that time, the owner met and fell in love with a Kansas girl. She told him what a great place Kansas was, especially Lawrence. The owner was skeptical, but after attending a game at Allen Field House and walking down Massachusetts St. one time, he was hooked. The couple got married, moved to Lawrence, and decided to open their second store. We hope to bring some Southern Hospitality and some great food to you and your family.

Story of the Dollar Bills The first night we opened a friend wanted to leave the ceremonial first Dollar on the wall, so he signed it and placed it behind the bar. Not to be out done, another friend wanted to leave the first tip, so he signed a dollar, with a magic marker, and placed it beside the other. From there it took off and continues to grow every day. People from all over the world have left their "mark" on our ceiliings & walls. If you too would like to add to our collage just ask your waitress for the markers and some thumbtacks.