Jefferson's Restaurant 785-832-2000

Visit website 743 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044 Opens today at 11 a.m.

Rating: 3 out of 5 6 ratings. 6 user reviews. 6 reviews


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  • Best of Lawrence 2013
  • Phone: 785-832-2000

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Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Jefferson's Restaurant

Had the Garden Burger, sweet potato fries, side salad. All very good, everything fresh and hot.

Rating: 4

Jenny Herrick Jefferson's Restaurant

One of my favorite lunch spots Downtown! Jefferson's consistently has great food, prompt & friendly service, and the daily lunch special always saves me a couple bucks. If you're craving Wings, this is the place to go. Thanks for being my go-to place.

Rating: 1

kenry620 Jefferson's Restaurant

I've gone to Jefferson's quite a few times and it's always the same thing. The food there is usually pretty good, but the service there is soooo terrible (unless you're an athlete or some other well-to-do type) that it has made it not worth going there anymore. It seems like whoever runs the place thinks that it's ok to sacrifice servers with a personality for servers that are semi-attractive and the personality of a worn-out pillow. Not a single one out of the four servers that came by to drop off food and drinks (after having to prod them to even take our entree order) had so such as a smile or a multi-syllabic word to say to us. If you're not an athlete or otherwise famous person, you're better off just taking the food to go rather than putting up with the people that work there. The food is good, but it's not worth sitting there and wasting an hour of your time dealing with these people.

Rating: 3

Maddie_Smith Jefferson's Restaurant

Not bad, but not great quality food for the prices. Fun atmosphere. Good place to watch a game.

Rating: 4

meyerst29 Jefferson's Restaurant

We ate there at noon today. Granted they were not real busy when we walked in but the waitress was there immediately and our order arrived after about ten minutes. We had the fried oyster platter and everything was very satisfactory. It may not be gourmet food, but we were completely satisfied and thought it was a good value.

Rating: 1

Clayton Kelly Jefferson's Restaurant

let me start with the place wasn't busy at all.... we had never been to Jefferson's before so we told the waitress that we needed a moment to scan the menu to see if we wanted to dine there... well about 10 minutes later she finally came back and took our drink order, when the drinks arrived (different waitress) they were wrong, when my wife tried to tell her that her drink was wrong she got and attitude like we were bothering her.... ordered the cheese fries appetizer and it was horrible, the fries were under cooked and the cheeze tasted like warmed up cheese-whiz from a can, when the burgers came they had no flavor.... greasy on the outside and dry as the desert on the inside.... none of us could even bring ourselves to finish our burgers..... will never go there again - better off going to McDonald's for a burger...

cant post without giving at least 1 star - this place deserves negative stars...