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Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

Rating: 1

Jayhawker8888 Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

Horrible pawn shop, everything is over priced and the managers are very lazy. Will not move from the front desk. Unfortunately the manager will talk down to you, regardless of who you are. I would advise going to one of the other pawn shops in town, you will have a much better experience.

Rating: 1

racer7x Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

This place needs an attitude adjustment! I could care less how many crack heads come in there, it doesn't give them the right to treat everybody else like lowlifes. Some (but not all) of the people working there apparently think there crap doesn't stink and comes out smelling like roses. The owner (and I'm assuning a relative or the next guy down the totem pole) are the biggest duesch bags you will ever meet. They are just slightly less than robbing you blind for the ridiculously low amount they buy your stuff for (even for a pawn shop), and then act like they are doing you a favor. There are other pawn shops to go to (not sure they realize this) that are much easier to deal with than these pricks. Some of the guys here try to treat you with some respect, but most you just want to knock up side there head (and I have definitley thought about more than once). Give your buisness to someone else.

Rating: 4

robertab Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

I use this pawn shop all the time. they have been good to me, and sometimes the guys do give you a hardd time but keep in mind they DO deal with tweekers and crackheads comin in tryin to get over on them. you ever had a bad day at work and unknowingly taken it out on someone else?? i have. if you didint get what you wanted for it maybe you are a smoker. they know what they can buy things for and still make a profit, look into the business, the items they get in dont always sell within minutes or sometimes even days. so they have to buy cheap to avoid higher prices for people who like me, buy and sell there. all the guys including the short curly haired dude whos name ill refrain from using, and the boss, are worth giving a shot. and how do you know it doesnt cost them money to run those background checks, you ever apply for an apt, had to pay for a background check, failed and lost that money?? same principle appliesStrong*Strong*StrongEmphasisStrong

Rating: 1

Andrea Lee Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

If you buy a firearm here, they take your money first, then do a background check. If ANYTHING comes up that prevents you from buying, they keep a good chunk of the money you paid, just for doing the background check. Every business I have bought firearms from does the background check FIRST to make sure you can even get a firearm. Then they take the money for the purchase and you walk out the door. These guys take your money first, then if anything happens, they keep your money. So basically they penalize anybody that comes in and fails a background check. Dont get me wrong, I have ALWAYS passed the background check but I feel sorry for anyone that doesnt and has to pay for it. When they told me this I walked out immediately and havent gone back. Ive bought enough firearms in my day to know these guys are scamming unsuspecting people out of their money and are making a profit from what is supposed to be a free background check.

Rating: 1

sllacour Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

If I could I would give them no stars

Do not.....NOT sell here! They will low ball you really bad. This is not a place to try and sell your stuff for a little money. This is a place for crackheads trying to get crack money, and that's how they talk to people. That's how they talked to me...... like i was dumb. In particular this really short, curly haired boy. I'm sorry to say it was just a bad experience. I walked away from what they offered me, and I was still mad on the way out.

Rating: 1

Kevin Enos Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

I have serious issues with Jayhawk Pawn. Several years ago my house was burglarized and several instruments and amplifiers were taken including one of my favorite guitars. THE VERY NEXT DAY I went into Jayhawk Pawn and asked if any instruments matching the description of mine had come in (they said no) and I even gave them a flyer with descriptions and pics in the event that my stuff showed up there later. Of course I never heard back from them. About a year later someone from the local police called and informed me that they had discovered that my property WAS INDEED at Jayhawk Pawn THE VERY DAY I CAME IN, sitting in the back room, but after that the trail went cold. I AM FURIOUS WITH THESE LYING SLIMEBALLS, and I will do whatever I can legally to expose their rotten, crummy business practices. I would do the previous poster even one better and give JAYHAWK PAWN a negative rating if I could.

Rating: 1

jdavis739 Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

do not shop or sell here! When I when here to sell a guitar they tried to short change me and the guy who I believe if he was not the own/boss was a senior guy there was as rude as could be. The only reason that there is 1 star is because I can't put zero. Don't go to jayhawk pawn and jewelry if you want to be treated fairly and get paid a fair price.