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Rating: 1

GardenGrace Hurricane Alley Car Wash

Today will be my last usage of this place. In the past when there are extra bugs on bumper and side mirrors,, I've told the young guys working the equipment and they have either run the car through a 2ND time or as of two weeks ago, the young man used a foam brush. My preference would be the latter as it saves time, money and water. Both methods have resulted in a clean car. Today after telling him about having more bugs on the car than usual, the 50ish gentleman said, " we'll do the best we can." He sprayed the bug spray and that was it; no use of a foam brush. I thought maybe he thought it easier on him to run it thru twice if it didn't get clean. So I drove around, checked the trouble spots and, no surprise, it was still a dirty car.. When I told him it wasn't clean and how the young man had previously used a foam brush, he told me that that kind of service was reserved for TIPPING customers. I don't know how one is supposed to know that. I may be out of touch. No one tips me to do my job but maybe i'm wrong. Maybe they should post a sign saying if you want a clean car, you'd bwtter give up an extra $5 or $10. What is the point of a car wash if not to have a clean car?? He then informed me that they are a hands off operation. I don't know how use of a foam brush is hands on but it was obvious he didn't want to give me a clean car. I asked if he was the owner. Of course not. Why they have this man working for them is beyond me. Very rude, not at all like the young man who did work to give me a clean car which probably took all of one more minute. I told him how does he think they'll stay in business if they don't give good service for the price paid. He let me know this KC owned company is growing by 6-7% a year. Not on my $14. This took place Sept. 2017. I did end up with a large scrape on the driver's side mirror, not sure from what. I had no trouble this time getting my car aligned and didn't feel yelled at for any of that. I left wondering why do they employ someone who is so rude, obnoxious, abrasive. Never again

Rating: 4

Chuck Wehner Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I just can't believe all of these bad reviews, I have never had a bad experience going there and found the employees to be very considerate and helpful. One time I thought I lost my glasses there and the guy working there went out of his way to check the office to see if someone had turned them in. Also there are signs telling you to put your car in neutral as well as signs telling you not to put your foot on the brake and to also do other things depending on what kind of vehicle your have. The employees are yelling at you because from where they are standing it is very noisy and they want you to be able to hear them, use some common sense people!

Rating: 1

wigwarren Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I wish I read the reviews before I went today! I have never been treated the way I was from the employee standing within the entrance of the car wash. It was my first time visiting Hurricane Alley in Lawrence and I would highly discourage anyone from giving them business. The employee was an older gentleman rolled his eyes saying "look around" throwing his hands in the air right after I entered the threshold. He then started screaming at me to put my car in neutral. After doing so and feeling rushed and bullied, I highly regret going there. After reading other reviews, I'll be looking to see if there are any scratches on my car as well. Worst customer service I have ever experienced and I NEVER write reviews.

Rating: 1

chewy_carnitas Hurricane Alley Car Wash

This is a horrible, horrible place. As soon as I drove into the "tunnel" an employee was standing there screaming at me to put my car in Neutral. So I did. Next thing I know, the same employee is yelling at the top his lungs for me to put my car in Drive. So I obey. Then two seconds later he's yelling at me again to put my car in Neutral and giving me dirty looks while I put the car back into the correct designated gear.

How about some signage as you enter the tunnel stating, "Put car in neutral"?! That way the employee wouldn't have to scream at me at the top of his lungs, all confusion would be eliminated, and things would go much more smoothly.

Overall, this experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I wouldn't recommend this car wash to anyone. It's a fairly new place and looks all clean, modern and automated from the outside. You wouldn't expect them to have employees there at all. The same young man was squeegeeing soap onto my windshield while he was yelling, and then two huge rubber scrubbers came down directly on top of the windshield from somewhere above and it was a royal mess of soap, water and screaming employees.

Get your act together, hang up some informative and easily-visible signage, can the yelling, and you'll probably have happier customers.

I can't speak to other customers' reports of scratched paint because so far I haven't had the nerve to actually look at my car.

Rating: 1

Adriana_M Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I wish I could give it a lower review!! The staff is so rude!!! I went to get my car wash I proceeded to enter the carwash the older man spraying the cars with soap pointed to the sign to put ur car In neutral so I did, then he started yelling GO! Go! So then I put it on drive again, and then he proceeded to hit my driver window so hard a few times that I thought he was going to break it!! I will never take my business here ever again!!!!!! How can u treat customers like that especially hitting their vehicles, so un respectful

Rating: 1

Rlauber Hurricane Alley Car Wash

Very frustrating - on May 9, 2015 the car wash was glitching and deeply scratched the paint of my SUV. After several calls and a stop in, the manager finally called me back yesterday. Today I talked with him and his tone was combative. When I explained the attendant had taken pictures and told me that the damage had not been there before the wash, the manager told me the attendant didn't have pictures and had not acknowledged the damage wasn't previous to the wash. I sent the manager pictures of the damage where it was clear in the reflection that the attendant was taking pictures of the damage. The attendant was professional and helpful at the time (and did refund my money), but the manager simply wouldn't acknowledge the possibility of the damage and was combative the entire conversation. This is not a place I will ever do business again, nor will I visit any of their other locations. Given the experience I've had, I would encourage you to find another wash.

Rating: 2

Lauren Reinhold Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I used to like this place, but the vacuum hoses and vacuuming area were disgusting today. The hoses were so caked with dirt that they got parts of the car dirty. How hard is it to hose down that area before the facility opens?

Rating: 1

steffani333 Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I purchased the most expensive ($16) wash hoping to clean all the bird poo off my car. When I pulled into the bay, only 1/2 my car way sprayed. The machine did not finish the job. Then it applied wax on top, of course. There was still at least an entire square inch of poop left on my passenger window!

When I called to complain an older man named Rick or Richard told me that he would run my car through again but I should not expect to have my car sprayed off completely as it was an extra service they did not have to provide. He also told me that I shouldn't mention the price because he knew $16 was more than fair & if I knew somewhere cheaper I should've gone there. Then he demanded to know where the cheaper place was located. He wouldn't let me speak my piece and he was practically yelling. He was also very accusatory. I told him I wouldn't be coming back & that he was rude. I also called him a bad name because I was irate.

I paid for the most expensive wash knowing my car had large spots of poo & wanting to make sure they were cleaned. I expect to receive, at the very least, the service for which I paid. I also expect to be spoken to with the respect I deserve as a paying customer whose patronage helps keep the business open. I, absolutely, did not receive good service or decent respect.

I am sending this from the bay of another car wash. No way am I going back there!!!


Rating: 1

LRiggs Hurricane Alley Car Wash

Scratched my paint BAD and when I went back to say something I was called a liar and the guy(presumably the older guy yelling at people in other reviews) wouldn't even refund my money let alone do something about the damage to my vehicle.

If you want to be treated horribly and have your car ruined I would highly recommend this place

sb45 replies...

I just went there two weeks ago in my brand new vehicle...left with several scratches in my paint and the rubber molding around my front windshield has slices in it. Did they do anything about your damage? I haven't called them b/c I assume they won't...

Rating: 1

hawks08 Hurricane Alley Car Wash

Went to hurricane alley and purchased the "premium wash" ($16!). I looked at my car after going through and noticed there was still dirt on it, and overall it was very smudgy and spotty. I figured a 16 dollar car wash should get the car clean so I returned to try to get my money back or at least drive home in a clean car. The man I spoke with was very rude and explained to me that he thought the car was clean. I specifically pointed out the undeniably dirty areas and he finally acknowledged them and said he would let me go through again, but first made it clear that this was a one time thing, and that I would get the cheapest car wash this time around. He continued to explain that I was nit-picking and being unreasonable. Clearly he didn't go to school in public relations, hence that he's still working at a car wash at 50+ years old. My first and last trip to the wonderful hurricane alley

Rating: 1

relijah Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I had exactly the same experience as crazyukrainian today at this carwash. I am unfamiliar with this type of car wash as well and the individual supposedly guiding me in was extremely rude. There is no need to yell at customers. We are your bread and butter--treating customers this way is extremely stupid. I can safely say that I will never return here or recommend another person to this car wash. Disgusting is all I can say. Stay away.

Rating: 1

CrazyUkrainian1 Hurricane Alley Car Wash

My wife and I both took our vehicles here for the first time on Christmas Eve around 4pm. We were the only 2 vehicles in line and we were communicating via cellphone to pick the wash packages we would purchase. After a few minutes an older gentleman employee approached our vehicle and immediately was confrontational. He asked us what the problem was and why were we just sitting there. I kindly explained to him that the vehicle behind me (my wife) and I were together and were just deciding which package to select. Apparently he didn't understand that for some reason and continued to raise his voice and said that the woman behind me (again my wife) would probably like to get her car washed and that I shouldn't just sit there and block the lane. I explained to him once again that she was my wife (pointing to the car behind me) and said that we weren't blocking anyone as we were the only people in line. He kept up his nonsense mumbling and eventually walked away. He did not seem coherent at all. I found out after the fact that while my wife was pulling into the automated car wash that the same guy began to spray the vehicle and then started yelling and pounding with full force on her window, while very poorly trying to explain how to drive through the car wash (neutral, foot off brake) which were words he never used. He just yelled turn at her to turn her steering wheel and other things that didn't make sense. Eventually another employee had her roll down her window and explain the process to her. My wife had never been in one of the automated car washes before that pull the car with the conveyer. Also, since the old man was spraying the vehicle she could not see the sign to the left that said Neutral, foot off brake, etc... I know how these types work and remember not being able to see the sign because of the heavy spraying. The confrontational, incoherent man must have been in his 70's or older. Not sure if this was the owner an employee. Either way he needs to retire / be let go because you should NEVER treat customers this way. Our cars were cleaned well but customer service SUCKS! This guy was a complete A-hole to my wife and I and has no business being in the workforce. We will never go back again!

Rating: 1

nizzle Hurricane Alley Car Wash

Took my Jeep there and I now have scratches all over the hood of my car. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Scuba_Jayhawk replies...

Did you say something to them? If so, what did they say? If not, this is a very bad review.

Rating: 5

Emily Campbell Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I feel really bad for the person of the previous review... there is nothing positive about that experience. On the other side though I've taken all three of my vehicles to this location (coupe, hatchback, and truck) and have been 100% satisfied with the outcome. The back end of my coupe didn't come clean very well, but it's a short car I understand. The free vacuum usage is awesome, but the power isn't anything to write home about--free is worth my running it over a couple more times!!

Again I feel horrible for "Parrysmom", but I remember there being warnings before you go in and next time I'll be looking to see if there were any warnings about trucks.

Rating: 1

Angela Heili Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I took a brand new truck to the car wash and while it was clean when the wash was completed, the brushes for the bumpers and corners of the automobile left my truck scratched up. I am really not happy with that and won't be using the car was ever again.

Emily Campbell replies...

I went to this car wash yesterday, because I was very intrigued at the thought of you not reading a warning sign... but there wasn't to my knowledge!! I hope you went back and expressed your concerns with them. Good luck all around! I'm still surprised though, because I’ve been using this one since it opened and have had no issues.