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Hunter's Ridge Apartments

Rating: 5

chuck83 Hunter's Ridge Apartments


The other review is really interesting because it actually outlines all of the reasons I like it here. Allow me to offer a quick response to the above complaints.

  1. Because the management team does the DNA collection process for pets you never step in dog poop or see it on walkways. It's amazing. I for one appreciate not stepping in poop that people were too lazy to pick up. Sounds awesome. They also have pet cleanup stations all over the place, so you don't even need to use your own bags. And they have a fenced in dog park.

  2. It's really great that management cares enough to remove broken, abandoned bikes from the racks. It keeps the grounds looking clean and allows for easy passage and snow removal. (the walkways are always shoveled and salted in the winter). They've also always notified us through email when work was being done. iPhones have a cool feature that notify you when you get emails. I'm pretty sure they have it for Android as well.

  3. The pool guest policy has allowed my family to enjoy the pool without having to deal with large, drunken parties. Again, pretty awesome. And it ensures there's space for the people that actually live here and rent. Sweet.

  4. Despite incredible advances in technology lightbulbs still burn out. Tragic, sure. Expected? Yes. Also, if the walls are crumbling, I haven't noticed because our stuff is still hanging up. Anytime we've had an issue it has been resolved quickly and professionally.

  5. The management has been kind, reasonable, and great to work with. They, like any other good management team, expect people to follow the rules. Which is great for those of us that do. When we moved in they gave us this document called "the lease" which outlined all of the rules. We read it. As a result Hunters' Ridge is a safe, clean, and positive place to live.

We're sad to be leaving here but glad we had the chance to stay.

Rating: 1

jonespd17 Hunter's Ridge Apartments

DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! We have lived at Hunter's Ridge since the place was built three years ago. We were the first one's in. For the first two years under different management, this was an excellent place to live. Since Melinda Fields has become the manager one year ago, this is no longer a pleasant place to live. The rent continues to increase for no reason. They used to replace light bulbs that burn out once a week. now they dont. The walls crumble at any instance of touching. They demand that you register your pet's DNA through stool samples so that they can track you down if you do not pick up your dogs poop on the property. They have cut and destroyed my bike lock and confiscated my bike from the bike racks as well as 10-20 other bikes that were on the racks stating that things were "cluttered"...even though it was winter. As of now, there are absolutely no bike's on the bike racks anymore so it is just a metal structure without a purpose. They only allow two guests at the pool per apartment which is ridiculous if you want to invite any friends or family over. They called the cops last weekend on all of my guests who were having a birthday party and had everyone get tickets for trespassing. Mind you that the same group of people have been coming to our pool for the past three years. And as of now, even if you live at Hunter's Ridge you have to get a pool pass in order to be at the pool. This place is ridiculous and it is solely due to the Management and Melinda Fields. Do not live in this complex, you will probably want to move the following year. The management and ownership have complete disregard for the Kansas Tenant Laws or the quality of life for it's residents. They enforce and impose rules and increased rent for no apparent reason and that are not in your lease agreement. The Management - Melinda Fields clearly displays her need and desire for control over the tenants and is unfit to hold any position of influence, leadership, or authority because it is more about fulfilling her own ego than what is good for this community.

P.S. Just to prove that the appartments are poorly built and the lights burn out once a week. Take a look at the picture of the kitchen on yelp...the track light on the right that is burnt out. Point proven.