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Visit website 3520 W 6th St, Lawrence, KS 66049 Opens today at 11 a.m.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 12 ratings. 12 user reviews. 12 reviews


Home to some of the most dedicated patrons in town, Henry T's tends to attract with its solid service and satellite sports offerings. If they don't have your game on, they'll change one of the channels. And the food -- well, it is made in proximity to a bar, but it certainly shouldn't be called 'bar food.' Burgers rank among the biggest and juiciest in town, and you can get 2 for the price of 1 after 6 p.m. Mondays. T's outdoor deck seats about 40.

  • Heated smoking area
  • Smoking porch
  • Free WiFi
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Delivery
  • Buffet
  • Local establishment
  • Outdoor seating
  • Party room
  • Reservations accepted
  • Call aheads accepted
  • Kids menu
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

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  • Best of Lawrence 2013
  • Phone: 785-749-2999

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Crave Lunch Specials

Crave Lunch Specials

All-Day Specials (Monday and Wednesdays)

Monday — 2-for-1 charbroiled burgers, chicken, pork, turkey and spicy black bean with one side. ...

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Order online!

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Rating: 3

drbloom Henry T's Bar & Grill

I multiple times left because of literally no one coming to wait on me. Ridiculous you can have a kid and in 10 minutes no one thinks I may want a highchair! The waitress staff literally makes me disgusted with how bad they are.

The food on other hand is quite good and reasonable cost. The wings are great - specifically the Siracha honey!

Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Henry T's Bar & Grill

Just had three of the street tacos (#1, 2, 3 off the menu). All of them were absolutely fantastic, and unique flavors. Also tried a quarter of a co-worker's quesadilla, also very good. Menu is very unique, not like anything else. Nice variety. Different lunch specials almost every day of the year, too.

Rating: 4

John Stockham Henry T's Bar & Grill

By far the best wing sauce anywhere! I concur with kaw7987, I wish they have nutritional information online or at the restaurant, I am watching my health a little closer and it would be nice to know. Also, a true gluten free section would be nice. I don't know how the kitchen is set up but the flower from the chicken breading seems to get into everything. Oh, and bring back those awesome hoodies to purchase. Mine is starting to wear out.100% cotton if at all possible. Not too much to ask, right? :D

Other than that, keep on doing what you do, Henry T's. Delicious!

Rating: 5

CardHawkFan Henry T's Bar & Grill

You just can't find a better wing anywhere. Some may argue and that is your right, but I would argue this one till the cows come home. Before I moved to Lawrence, I used to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings nearly every week and even did so when I first moved to town. A friend who had been living here awhile turned me on to this place. It is now five years later after moving here and I can probably count on one hand how many times since then that I have gone back to BWWs. The appetizer portions are tremendous, and although their service is almost always hit and miss, I will remain loyal to this place based on their wings alone although I am told their burgers are quite good. (Suggestion - order their Pepper Jack Nachos, too. Also unrivaled in Lawrence).

Rating: 1

traveler12 Henry T's Bar & Grill

I visited Henry T's on a weeknight around midnight, looking to grab a beer or two. As I walked inside, there was a large sign that said "Seat Yourself", so I did just that and grabbed a table in the large seating area near the door. When I sat down, there was a bartender behind the bar and one or two waitresses standing and talking next to the bar (one was standing next to an entrance to what appeared to be the restrooms). I sat down, stared at the bar and the waitresses, and waited for one of them to walk over to take my drink order. No such luck. I sat there for 10+ minutes, all while the bartender and the waitresses talked to people (themselves and patrons sitting at the bar). I don't think they ever saw me. Finally I got tired of waiting, so I got up and left. They might have seen me when I walked out. I don't know. What I do know is, I'm never going here again.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Henry T's Bar & Grill

Love half price burger night and gusto special! The burgers are always cooked perfectly and so good! We recently tried the jalapeno rav's and wasn't sure if I'd like them or not and they were good. I would get them again.

Rating: 1

KansasKeith Henry T's Bar & Grill

We have been customer for many years, but tonight may be the last time. The food has always been good, the bar service very slow. Tonight was a whole 'other issue. The wait staff tried its best but management provided no assistance or support. I felt sorry for our server who apologized profusely without management support. First, one of our group was told the soup was one thing, but an entirely different soup was delivered to the table, a type he could not eat. He asked for an alternative choice, not as an exchange but as an alternate choice. The manager sent her back with the comment that it was not an exchange and it would take 15 minutes to prepare - basically saying 'no'. In frustration we said, forget it. Then one of our group suddenly suffered an apparent allergic reaction, possibly to something in the food. We asked the server for a copy of the recipe in case we needed to go to the hospital. The manager grudgingly, without comment and no apparent concern, provided a print out. Fortunately, she was OK. Never once did the manager ask if she was OK. On leaving when we tried to talk to the manager, urging a more customer friendly and concerned approach, his reaction was to become very defensive and threaten to call the police. NO one was unruly, loud, or troublesome. We simply wanted to explain our dissatisfaction and we basically were run off under threat of "calling the police." Tell me why I would ever again go back? Not likely.

Mels4ks replies...

We also had a bad experience. This was our 2nd time in Henry T's. I was there with my two children and husband. The place was busy, however, that's no excuse. We ordered hambuger, BLT, and two 3/4lb hamburgers. Easy enough. I took 45 min. When we finally said something my son's BLT and my hamburger was delivered. They said that the 3/4 would take longer well-done. I explained to the manager that that was really bad timing on the cooks part. It took another 5 min to receive the rest of the meal. My hamburger was thicker than the 3/4 lb hamburgers. My husband's was RARE....and it cooked for 45 min...WTF. When we complained again the manager says to me "I guess you picked the wrong place to eat". That was the wrong thing to say. I was beyond pissed and told him so. He finally did the right thing and comped our meal. We will NOT be going back!!

Rating: 2

ljpppp Henry T's Bar & Grill

We have a big family so we choose restaurants with the best specials and only eat what is on specials. We love Henry T's Sunday taco special. We can take our whole family there without breaking our budget.

However, we decided to try something different so we went for wing night. When we arrived we asked our server how the wings came, if we needed to order in groups of six or what? She explained that she was new and didn't know. She went to ask and came back and told us that they came in half and whole orders, like the menu says. We thanked her and told her that we thought it might be different since it was the special. She continued to take our orders and serve our food and everything was fine until the check came. We were shocked to see our total was 3 times what we thought it would be. The wings were full priced because we ordered before 6:00. When we asked another server, she said that the server is supposed to let us know that the special hadn't started yet. That only made us feel worse.

We are on a tight budget and that blew it for the rest of the month, actually cut into our grocery budget. I guess we won't be returning for tacos for a while.

Business reply henryts replies...

I want to apologize for our server and ultimately the manager on duty's mistake. The server should have known what time the special started. It's on giant posterboards visible throughout the building, And the manager should have corrected her mistake on the spot. We're all experiencing financial burdens and blowing your monthly dining-out budget in one sitting makes me feel terrible. We offer these specials as a sincere way of attracting customers and hopefully getting the same customer to come back again and again. I'd like you to contact me at the store anytime so I can make this up to you. Thank you, Sean Gerrity

Rating: 5

R M Henry T's Bar & Grill

Great food, great atmosphere, a great place to watch a game! A Lawrence landmark!

Rating: 4

Kimberly Grosse Henry T's Bar & Grill

They have the best salsa!

Rating: 4

njburkart Henry T's Bar & Grill

Awesome atmosphere for games, great food, great drinks!! Always a great place to go and even has good specials as well!!

Rating: 4

JayJayPG Henry T's Bar & Grill

One of my favorite bar & grills in all of Lawrence. Great specials, awesome food, fun atmosphere for watching games. Chicken fingers & fries here are the best I've ever had.