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Welcome to Lawrence Hearing Aid Center. Why choose us?


Our hearing aid specialists combined have over 15 years experience in hearing aid sales and service.

Product Quality

Experience Crisp, Natural Hearing With the Latest Phonak Technology! Life and the sounds it presents are constantly changing. The new Phonak hearing aids can give you the richest sound experience possible because of the following features:


VoiceZoom — To focus on the speech you want to hear and reduce background noises to provide the best clarity and comfort. NoiseBlock — Detects disturbing sounds like fan noise, sharp loud sounds, echoes, whistling, and wind noise and suppresses them to give you a rich full sound. Real Ear Sound — Enabling you to determine the source of the sound, resulting in a natural sound experience. ComePilot Air II Universal Interface (optional accessory) — Allows you to connect your hearing aids to your mobile phone, TV, MP3 player and other Bluetooth enabled devices with the push of a button.

If you have a hearing loss that can be helped with a hearing aid, we have an aid that will work for you.


Service is our specialty, and the most important part of our business. To better serve our customers’ needs, we have four offices across Douglas, Franklin & Leavenworth counties since 2002. Our "Lifetime Service Guarantee” says that any service that we provide in our office will be free of charge as long as you own your hearing aids. You will also receive updated information about new products.

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