Lawrence Hearing Aid Center

4106 W 6th Street, Suite E, Lawrence, KS 66049


Opens Thursday at 9 a.m.

Welcome to Lawrence Hearing Aid Center. Why choose us?


Our hearing aid specialists combined have over 30 years experience in hearing aid sales and service.

Product Quality

As a NuEar vendor, we feel our line of premium hearing aids are of the finest quality and largest selection as anyone's, anywhere in the world. With their new patent-pending Rhapsody technology annoying problems such as feedback and difficulty on the telephone are no longer issues. The new OTE Ultra-lite Rhapsody allows users with high frequency losses to hear like never before.

If you have a hearing loss that can be helped with a hearing aid, we have an aid that will work for you.


Service is our specialty, and the most important part of our business. To better serve our customers’ needs, we have four offices across North Eastern Kansas. Our "Lifetime Service Guarantee” says that any service that we provide in our office will be free of charge as long as you own your hearing aids. You will also receive updated information about new products, and even free batteries on your birthday.

Call us today to set up a FREE Hearing Consultation with one of our offices.