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Services / Referrals


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If you are referred to Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) or one of its affiliated practices as a part of your care plan, these services will be made available to you under the LMH Charity Care Policy, effective April 1, 2013. As an Health Care Access patient, you meet the LMH Charity Care requirements and we will assist you in providing LMH that documentation.

Under this policy, there are minimum payments required for LMH services and a minimum $10 fee for each physician visit. As LMH implements this new policy, HCA will do our best to assist you in determining the cost to you at the time the referral is made. If you are referred to a practice or provider that is not affiliated with LMH, it is up to that practice as to what services they will or will not donate. If follow up appointments are needed with a non-LMH affiliated group, please find out if these services will be donated or not. You may be asked to speak to that office’s billing coordinator to arrange further payments.

Please visit our website for an application for the Charity Care Policy paperwork.