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Harris Auto Repair

Rating: 5

thisgirl420 Harris Auto Repair

I'm new to the area and needed to find a local, dependable mechanic. Harris Auto Repair gave me an appt for the same week and did a complete "check-up" on my car. They called before performing any repairs instead of just doing them and leaving me with an enormous bill. The mechanic, Roland, went out of his way to stay in contact with me throughout the day and took the time to explain what needed to be fixed, and what I should keep an eye on. The car was done the same day! When I went in, they gave me estimates on future upkeep and repairs that needed to be done in the upcoming months. My bill was affordable for a mechanic, and upon review, seemed accurate and fair for the services provided. I took a chance with them and I'm so glad I did.

Rating: 5

lancekeltner7 Harris Auto Repair

Most of the time I do my own car repair, but when my timing belt replacement came due, I just didn't have time. I called the dealership for pricing, and was a little shocked. Then, I called Harris Auto Repair and was pleasantly surprised by a much more reasonable price. They got my car in and out same day, and that can be a tall order for timing belt changes.

Communication was great, the service was great, a I will definitely be going back for future services. I don't allow most people to touch my cars, but Bryan and his staff have earned the right 100%.

Rating: 5

cal3door Harris Auto Repair

In responce to cwoo7i11 by Harris Auto. There 2007 Pontiac Torrent came to our shop with the ABS brake control Moduel applying brakes so hard that all the brakes were smoking when they drove it to our shop. This damaged the brake pads and over heated the rotors. May I say also that this repair was paid for by there Warranty Company, and the warranty company set the authorized price that was dealer list price on the part and Mitchel flat rate manuel for the labor. The other thing that I may say the ABS brake control moduel was special order from the dealer and we were at there mercy waiting for the parts, (it did take longer than the dealer told us it would take). This customer chose not to have any repairs done that they had to pay for out of there own pocket. They picked the car up and were told that other repairs were needed and the insurance company would not pay for the other repairs because it was not in there contract. Note: This car needed the other brake repairs that were not done, we recommended that they tow the car to there other licenced repair shop.

Rating: 1

cw007ill Harris Auto Repair

Do not take your vehicle to this place. I called to make an appointment was told to bring my vehicle in on Wednesday and they would call after they looked it over. Wednesday, I dropped the car off at 8am. By 4:30pm, I hadn't heard anything, I called the shop. They hadn't even looked at it, claimed they were really busy. I said, but I had an appointment, I was on the books. I picked up my car. Took it back to them Thursday morning. By Friday morning, we heard they would work on the repairs and it should be done by Tuesday, latest Wednesday. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday, I called they claimed the part came in late and they would have it done by Thursday mid morning. Thursday evening 5pm, I called, the vehicle still wasn't done. Friday after 5 I picked up my car. Took it to my regular licensed mechanic (Mass Street Auto.) he said after reviewing their receipt, it doesn't look like the repairs THEY MADE were DONE propoerly, it's still not fixed. I should also mention they wanted me to replace all brakes, rotors and pads on top of the ABS system. Mass Street said that wasn't necessary until the original problem was fixed. Clearly they have liars and poor spellers working there. Of course, it is a family business. Reading my receipt is like reading a kindergartener's attempt at spelling. They over charged me, based on my insurance/warranty plan; lied, and clearly didn't repair the vehicle. I'm a long time Lawrence resident and have never encountered such unscrupoluous business activity when dealing with auto mechanics. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE OR EVEN YOUR TRICYCLE TO THEM!! GO to MASS STREET AUTO MUCH BETTER HONEST SERVICE!