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Programs / Two-year-old care


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Two-year-old care

This class focuses on vocabulary building and general verbal skills, potty training when ready, socialization with peers, and self-help skills such as putting on their own shoes, coats, hats, etc. They also start to move away from sign language (which they start in the toddler room) and introduce Spanish in the Twos room. The two year old class is able to make use of our indoor climbing structure to really work on improving gross motor skills such as climbing, running, and jumping. Their daily schedule will include free play time, teacher led activities, like art or music, 1 hour of outdoor play (weather permitting), 2 meals and 2 snacks, 2 hour afternoon nap, and a high academic period/Circle time during which they sing songs, learn Spanish words, read stories, count and say letters, and practice fine motor skills, like holding markers.

Rates are monthly and tuition assistance programs are available. Please call for questions. 856-6002.