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Looking to rent an apartment or house in Lawrence Kansas? Are you thinking about an apartment rental with more than one bedroom or a house for your family, someplace in a nice community?

If you are then your next home could be a townhouse rental you get from Garber Property Management. With a townhouse you get a unit that is all yours with no apartment dwellers above or below you, and without the problems associated with a house rental.

We want you to be happy in your new home. For your living pleasures we can rent you a townhouse in a nice Lawrence, Kansas community. In fact we have three townhouse communities for you to decide where you want to live when you come home. We manage the townhomes just for you so please feel free to learn more about us and the townhomes we have for you to rent, and then give us a call for a tour!

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Our Properties

Stone Meadows

Stone Meadows

Stone Meadows is located at Bainbridge Circle, (just south of 6th & Lawrence Avenue). It features:

  • Equipped Kitchens
  • ...

Stone Meadows South

Stone Meadows South

Stone Meadows South is located at Adams Avenue, (just south of Inverness and Clinton Parkway).

These comfortable townhomes feature: ...

Stone Meadows West

Stone Meadows West

Stone Meadows West is located at Brighton Circle, (just north of Bob Billings Parkway and Stone Meadows Drive).

These ...

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Rating: 1

Anonymousreviews Garber Property Management

WORST management company in Lawrence. they are sweet when you think about renting with them, but them they become really rude. Unprofessional, defensive, do not maintain their properties. They charge their renters a lot of money, but do not reinvest ANY money in to the property. We do live in America, so that's not a big deal, but a poor business move. However, the main problem with them is that they are rude and do not get anything done in a timely manner. They will tell you something and change their mind completely. They will not send maintenance or any crew to fix any problems, even if you try to follow up. In the end, they will try to blame you for all the problems. They talk to you like you're stupid, because the refuse to believe they are at fault for anything. NEVER RENT FROM THEM