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Fleetwood Mower & Rental

Rating: 5

insearchofauniqueid Fleetwood Mower & Rental

I have never had a bad experience at Fleetwood Mower and Rental The entire staff is friendly and efficient. Prices are fair and affordable.


Rating: 5

Bart Yost Fleetwood Mower & Rental

Every time I go into Fleetwoods and talk to one of their guys, they actually know what they’re talking about. I don't have to take equipment back to be redone, its done correct the first time. Been around small engines for a long time and have never come across another shop like it. Two thumbs up! Thanks

Rating: 5

tedboone Fleetwood Mower & Rental

I always get great service and advice from the folks at Fleetwood. They never try to nickel & dime me, and the work they do on my equipment is always prompt and well done. One of my favorite local businesses in Lawrence.