Rating: 1

BadLiberal Eye Doctors

If I wanted to make sure someone had a bad experience, I would send them here. These people are masters of the "upsell". Getting out of this place with a pair of glasses is worse than going to a used car lot. At every opportunity, they want you to sit down, wait for something "and have a look around!" Then they have so many exciting options for you! The antiscratch, the lensless bifocal, the antiglare coating, the frame that looks a little better on your face for "just a little bit more."

Awful experience. So unhappy I went hre.

theeyedoctors replies...

Hi BadLiberal - Sorry to hear about your experience in our office. If you could, please email me at nkluttz@theeyedoctors.net. I'd like to talk to you about how we could improve patient experience when selecting a pair of glasses.

Rating: 5

Emily Campbell Eye Doctors

I really wish I got the woman's name who helped me on Tuesday 12/14 around 5:30pm... she was amazing! I called in with an issue with one of my contacts, and she said they would give me a complimentary one since my issue was with one I just opened. Talk about customer service! I have been to The Eye Doctors almost 9 years, and have never had any complaints with they way they do business. But Tuesday night's experience was over the top, and will not be forgotten!