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Wedding Flower FAQ

Q: How much do wedding flowers cost?

A: Wedding flower prices are determined by these factors: 1. The types of flowers you select. Some flowers are less expensive than others. 2. The number of flowers per item. For example, a bouquet with 14 lilies will be more expensive than one with 5 lilies. 3. The number of floral items. As an example, a wedding with 2 or 3 attendants (bridesmaids and groomsmen) will usually be less costly than one with 6 or 8 attendants. 4. The final factor is how labor intensive your particular designs are. Certain styles or items, like garlands, take longer to construct.

Each wedding is highly individualized based on these factors. It is much more efficient if you and your groom have your budget set for flowers before your floral consultation.

Q: Are all flowers available all year?

A: Unfortunately, no. Your wedding floral designer can guide you on availability and any caveats you should be aware of.

Q: How do I book Englewood Florist for my wedding?

A: A 25% non-refundable deposit will book the date. The balance is due 3 weeks prior to the wedding.

Q: I'm not sure yet of the exact colors of my wedding, and I don't have my dress selected yet. Should I set an appointment for a consultation anyway?

A: Since wedding bouquets accessorize your wedding gown, those of your bridesmaids and others in your bridal party, and even your wedding location, it may be premature to meet with the florist at this point. Once you make these selections, we can visualize the style, color, and ceremony space. Then we can truly design your wedding florals to accentuate the look you wish to achieve.

Q: How will I know the flowers are the way I want them?

A: Englewood Florist encourages the bride to come in the day before the wedding to view her flowers. Although some floral bouquets may still be under construction when you come in, enough will be completed to give you peace of mind that all is to your satisfaction.

To see a selection of our wedding flowers, please follow the link below.

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