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Eco-Logic Dry Cleaners

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foggy Eco-Logic Dry Cleaners

I took a cotton covered, polyester filled comforter in to be cleaned. I had just cleaned it in a hot water wash and a lingering odor of cat bile remained. I thought I'd get it cleaned professionally. Huge mistake. When I got it back the cotton cover seemed ok, if a little less soft (the finish not totally destroyed). The lining of polyester fill that provided the fluff and loft was completely destroyed. It had shrunk down into a hard flat mass, or rather hard, lumpy mass. The cotton cover was swimming in it. I was really upset as this was a gift from someone special and I valued it highly as a gift not as a comforter. The person who works there was very nice and always had been very nice. But she didn't do the work and could offer nothing. She kept saying she would take my name and number and let the manager know. And what's the manager going to do? offer replacement money?--doubtful!!! (judging by some other reviews I've read since). And money won't replace something that had sentimental value.

I have cleaned this comforter 3 times in a big hot water wash with no ill effects. Surely a dry cleaner is supposed to have the skills to determine how to treat a cotton cover with a polyester fill. What else is available in comforters except down--a different cleaning process altogether? If it shouldn't have been dry cleaned, they SHOULD HAVE TOLD THE CUSTOMER THERE WAS A DANGER in using dry cleaning methods. This is why we entrust our clothes and textiles to a dry cleaner, for their EXPERTISE in cleaning methods. Apparently, expertise in the dry cleaning field is long gone.

I will never use this company again and I strongly urge others to think carefully before taking anything in to be cleaned that is not replaceable.

I forgot to mention their exorbitant price: $40 to ruin my comforter.

williams1992 replies...

As a professional laundry service person as we are you should not use dry cleaning for such an item, we only use washers in warm to hot water treated with proper chemicals
dryers with large round comforter balls to reset the fluff of the comforter and the cost $25.00 sorry that this happened to you