Rating: 1

Il_lfk2017 Dillons

The customer service manager made this experience so bad that i have decided to return to shopping at walmart. Staci was rude, childish, unprofessional. In no way did she have the right to speak to anyone like the way she spoke to me whether she was in uniform or not. Darren the store manager listened to my issue but did not offer any resolution. I was left with the only option to share my experience with him, kroger customer svc and now the public. Avoidable by hiring the right staff and training them right. I also have to include too the even more childish approach the associate used to strong arm me out of her lane. i had told her to get the manager 2 or 3 times which is already more then it shouldve taken, then when she gets there the assoc. whisper to staci that i had been yelling...everyone around was shopping like normal, no sign of disturbance, not a sound louder then cross conversation had been heard...staci immediate and sharply starts into a her unprofessional head bobbing and smug exaggerated smiling. While doing so remarking about our last interaction and how i praised her then but not now....well youre acting like brat who doesnt want to do her job...no sense of professionalism.