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Rating: 1

bmoore09 Dale Willey Automotive

They have the rudest and condescending service department I've ever experienced in my life. I've owned several cars and dealt with several dealerships and none of them have made me feel like I'm stupid as much as dale Willey has. My car was having power steering issues, actually the power steering would shut off, and there was a recall on the car that was previously performed by dale willey. I called in and was explaining exactly what was going on and what was happening and the man I spoke to on the phone was very rude and all he said was "well it can be a number of things, and just so you know if it's not part of the recall you will owe to have it looked at". I understand that, but there is no reason to be rude! My husband took my car in and the same guy was rude to him as well. Come to find out they couldn't find anything wrong with my car, when clearly there is. So now they are just going to start replacing parts until they find out what fixes it. I will never purchase a vehicle from them (besides they are way over priced anyways) and I will be finding a new GM service department whether I have to drive 45 mins or not!

Rating: 5

momof4 Dale Willey Automotive

We had a great experience with Dale Willey. We just bought a certified 2013 car from them. It was probably one of the most pleasant car buying experiences we've had. Our salesman, Chris bent over backwards for us. I had a hard time deciding which car I liked and what features were important to me. He was very patient and took the time to answer all my questions. He asked about financing and when I told him we had our own, he didn't pressure us to use theirs. He offered to let me take a car for the day and see how I liked it. I didn't like that car, so he was more than willing to help me keep looking. When I found the car for us, the paperwork went very quickly. He even came in on his day off to help us finalize the paperwork. He took the time to get the blue tooth, OnStar and the satellite radio set up. He went over every feature on the car to make sure we understood everything.

I feel confident in recommending Dale Willey, we had a great experience and will definitely go back.

Rating: 1

insearchofauniqueid Dale Willey Automotive

I have seen some deplorable sales people in my day but this place has set an all time new record for unethical sales practices. I believe they are dishonest right up front when they "run" your credit and than tell you that you will receive a great rate. Than they find something in your credit report to make you inelligible. I got sucked into this deal and they asked me to write them a check for $500 in good faith to assure them that I would buy the car if they could get me the car at the great rate they used to lure me in. In retrospect, I can't believe that I gave these crooks $500 to try to finance a car for me. Of course if something sounds to good to be true it probably is and after they approach you with a totally different offer they aren't to happy to give you your "good faith deposit" back. Is this even legal or just a way for them to "qualify' a buyer. Sleeze bags. Stay away! Also, when I went to test drive the vehicle the sales person insisted she drive. WTH.....OMGosh I could go on and on about this horrible experience.

Rating: 1

Daniel DeVader Dale Willey Automotive

Rating: 1

KansasGurl Dale Willey Automotive

We saw a crossover advertised by Dale Willey of Lawrence, that we were interested in and it was in our price range. I called to inquire, and at first they said the car was sold, then after a few more questions they said it hadn't sold, but they'd raised the price about $750. They did say they would honor the price they had advertised on Autotrader. My husband and I traveled to Lawrence to drive the crossover, and liked it. We went home and checked it out on CarFax and found out it had been in an accident involving front and rear impact (reducing the value of the car by $980). We called and told them that we had discovered the car's history, were still interested, but would want our mechanic to look it over, and would expect the final price to reflect what we had discovered (if we still wanted it). They said they would work with us. I arranged to pick the car up at 1 on a Saturday to take it to our mechanic. When I was almost to Lawrence, my husband called me; they had called to inform us they had let someone else test drive the car. No problem, that shouldn't take long. I continued toward town and called the dealer, they said they couldn't guarantee when it would be back. Okay, I asked them to call me when/if it was available. I had Christmas shopping to do. They called at 2:30, (I was about ready to leave town), to say the car was back. I informed the young man dealing with us that now it would be difficult for me to take it to our small town 40 miles away, and get it back before closing, since we had a meeting that evening. He said he'd talk to his manager and they'd probably let us keep it over the weekend (I offered to bring it back the next day). I headed back to the dealership, the car was there, I went in, sat down and the young man informed me that his manager had decided that if we took the car over the weekend they would not be willing to negotiate the price. I would have to agree to pay the price we'd had seen on the internet with him immediately, before having our mechanic check it out! I stood up to leave - I'd wasted enough time with this outfit. The manager (or whoever Danny is) came out and reiterated their conditions. I asked him why they didn't just tell me that in the first place, I wouldn't have wasted my time waiting. I ended up leaving, never to return! I think you can draw your own conclusions regarding this car dealership from what I've recounted of our experience. Certainly not a dealership that I would ever trust to do business with. We now have a used Saturn Outlook that we got at a good price, from someone who truly wanted our business, and that we found we could trust.

lawrenceres33 replies...

I've delt with Dale Willey for years and have never had a bad experience! It's easy for people to leave a bad comment but what about all of the good?

Rating: 1

pcovey024 Dale Willey Automotive

I've taken my Saturn SUV to Dale Wiley Auto in Lawrence on two different occasions. Both times, I felt like they tried to rip me off. The first time I had to get my car tuned & oil changed. They tried to tell me I need new tires & wiper blades, when my tires were only 6 months old and the wiper blades were less than a month old. The 2nd time, the air conditioner was broken. They charged me $90.00 just to find out what was wrong. Then they said it would cost $1400.00 to replace the condenser and compressor in the air conditioner. Because of my previous dealings with them, I went to another shop. The 2nd shop said there was nothing wrong with the either. There was just a hose that needed to be replaced. So it only cost me $400.00 instead of $1400.00, and it still works just fine. In my eyes, Dave Wiley Automotive people are not honest, but are just rip off artists, especially in their repair shop. I will never go back there, I will never buy a car from them in the future, and I will warn all of my family & friends to stay away from there. If you're smart, you will stay away from there as well.