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Countryside Small Engine Service

Rating: 1

alcoholbliss Countryside Small Engine Service

Over priced parts, you're better off searching your parts online, Amazon or other and ordering the same OEM manufacture replacement parts there for half the cost if you are a DIY kind of person. What they wanted to order and charge in price for one part, I was able to buy 2 online with shipping included.

I understand that there is some markup to to cover cost of running a small business, but dang, I figured they'd make that up in charging 2x the amount in labor servicing non DIY'ers equipment.

Rating: 1

jshaddy Countryside Small Engine Service

Crooked dealings... Took my weed eater here to be fixed, it had locked up, couldn't pull the cord to get it started. This place claimed we had not used gas/oil blend and said we needed a new engine and it would take a couple months to get one in. We knew we used the proper fuel mixture and therefore did not trust him, we said we did not want him to fix it. He said he would have to charge us $25 to put it all back together (again, seemed sketchy). We paid it, reclaimed the weed eater and took it somewhere else. The other person we took it to said it had clearly NOT been taken apart or checked out and that the problem was a blockage in the carburetor causing the engine to run lean, over heat, and lock up. They got it up and running again without any new parts needed.

Rating: 5

fanaddict Countryside Small Engine Service

Really helpful staff. They already had the part I needed in the shop. I was pleasantly surprised and how quickly everything went. Prices were pretty comparable. Thanks.