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Services / Early Childhood Autism Program (ECAP)


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Early Childhood Autism Program (ECAP)

CLO’s Early Childhood Autism Program has been providing support for children with autism and very challenging needs since the early 1990’s when the ECAP (formerly a program based at the University of Kansas) merged with CLO. This program serves children with autism and other developmental disabilities from 18 months to 20 years of age. ECAP provides individualized assessments and develops comprehensive teaching and behavior support programs for families in their homes, in the community, and in the child’s schools. ECAP also features evidence-based Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention.

  Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) This program was developed in partnership with the University of Kansas and provides intensive, one-on-one intervention for very young children with autism to aid them in reaching developmental milestones and achievement of a more typicaltrajectory of child development.  Common features of effective EIBI, include:  a) an age appropriate, comprehensive curriculum focusing on imitation, language, communication, toy play, social interaction, motor skills, and adaptive behavior) empirically validated teaching strategies derived from the science of applied behavior analysis, c) behavioral strategies for reducing problem behaviors, d) involvement of parents, e) gradual transition to naturalistic environments, f) highly trained and monitored staff g), supervisory and review procedures, (g) intensive treatment delivery (at least 25 hours per week, for at least 2 years), and g) initiation of treatment by 2 to 4 years.

ECAP’s EIBI program has been very effective with some children, producing outcomes that make these children indistinguishable from their peers. Very few programs have had a better track record or greater family satisfaction in achievement of important outcomes that directly impact the quality of life and that expand the realized potential of both the special need child and the family.

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