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jaradkqr Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital

We took our dog to have a sonogram. Arrive to have the sonogram only to have a “doctor” that clearly stated to us she did not know how to properly perform a sonogram. She told us our dog had at least three puppies, possibly more, and sent us along our way.

Fast forward three weeks. It’s really weighing on my fiancée that she felt cheated on the sonogram and contacted the office to see if it could be re-done. They apologized and scheduled one with someone trained to do the sonogram.

We go in this evening for the sonogram only to find out that not only is our dog not pregnant, but she has a severe infection and has to have an emergency surgery to remove her uterus and will never be able to have puppies. The doctor tells us how “lucky” we are that we caught this infection when we did or our dog would have died.

I’ll let everyone else, another veterinarian, the Kansas Veterinary Licensing Board, and an attorney decide the outcome in the end... But this office had the nerve to not only charge us for the operation to remove the uterus that could have been prevented if someone that knew how to perform a sonogram had done it in the first place... But to actually charge us extra because of “complications” also caused by their negligence.

This will likely be veterinary malpractice. I cannot say anything negative about all of the doctors in this practice, but the ones that we have dealt with have been incompetent and clearly dishonest. As routine as a doggy pregnancy would seem to be, I cannot imagine trusting this practice with anything ever again.


Attempted to pick up copies of the sonograms they performed. My fiancée went in first and was told they couldn’t be printed because the machine was broken. Then I go in and Dr. Liebl tells me the disc burner is broken.

I ask for the make and model of the sonogram machine and Google it. There are a number of ways to transfer files from this machine. This is a deliberate attempt to slow our ability to get the documentation we are entitled to. More lies from both Dr. Liebl and his staff.


Another veterinarian perform sonograms, performed the spaying procedure, and dissected the uterus. Our dog was never pregnant. The infection was very bad and it was determined it likely should have been caught at the first sonogram. This is why CPAH does not want to release our sonogram photos because those pictures will show that the untrained and negligent Myranda Lyon should have caught the infection in the first sonogram. It is also highly likely that, if caught earlier, it could have been treated with antibiotics and hormones and we would not have to sacrifice her uterus.

We fully believe this is Veterinary Malpractice, further confirmed by the lies and the refusal to release records we have rights to.

No amount of years of service mean a thing... When something goes wrong, that is where you see the true colors of their ethics.

Olsonvet replies...

We are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience at our hospital, but happy that Jazmyn is OK. Our goal is to provide the best care and compassion for our clients and their pets. If you would like to continue discussions please contact us at

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital

Cesar Milan may be the “dog whisper” but Tom Liebel doesn’t even move his lips and dogs understand him. He’s a unique individual who serves both the patient and the animal owner. He understand these are companion animals and a key part of people’s lives. When a pet and it’s owner come into his office, he realizes the dynamics and treats them with respect and amazing compassion. He doesn’t talk down to the owner nor use jargon those in the medical profession wouldn’t understand. I completely understand when he explains health issues with our dog Tova and when I ask questions, he answers them without talking down to me.

Tom always returns phone calls and is absolutely committed to the health of the animals he’s entrusted with. Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital is more expensive than most place in town, but my dog is absolutely priceless and I can’t imagine using anyone else.