Cedarwood Villa Apartments 785-843-1116

2411 Cedarwood Ave., Lawrence, KS 66046

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  • Phone: 785-843-1116

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Rating: 1

CujoLou Cedarwood Villa Apartments

Very infested with bedbugs and cockroaches. Absolutely disgusting. Oven stopped working after a month of living there. Air conditioning is completely worthless, since the A/C is only in the living room, the bedroom is 100x hotter. Terrible experience with the staff and their late fees. Do not live here, absolutely the worst experience. YOU CAN FIND SOMEWHERE BETTER!!

Rating: 1

dcory Cedarwood Villa Apartments

Multiple buildings are infested with bedbugs. The owner claims to be treating them by steaming the carpets whenever staffing allows, which is about as effective as trying to catch them all by hand. Also, for residents that complain REALLY loudly, they will move them to a new apartment (which merely spreads the problem). Both the city code enforcement officer and the health department have been aware for months, but continue to pass the problem back and forth, so there's no solution anywhere in the near future. The absolute lack of regard for the health and well-being of their residents is appalling and terrifying.