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Cafe Beautiful

Rating: 5

SC Cafe Beautiful

I love this place!!! We went there to check it out after hearing amazing reviews and left without a disappointment and we cannot wait to return! Great service, great presentation and one of the best meals I've had in my life - and my mother's cooking tops that list.

I read the previous review and will say that if you are that picky of a eater, do not go to a place like this. What Cafe Beautiful offers is an amazing food experience, and if you are not food-venturous then I would recommend staying in known territory. The food is gourmet and perhaps for Great Plains standards could be seen as 'exotic' - lobster bisque, cold duck (YUM!!!), sushi, fresh fruit salad with amazing vinaigrette, butternut squash soup, freshly made mango ice cream - but the only exotic thing I see about this Cafe is that no other restaurant has ever provided such consistently great/amazing/wonderful/fantastic food.

When I made my reservation I was able to indicate my allergies and she inquired about general tastes. All was accounted for and considered.

Now my mouth is watering.

Rating: 1

lve2swim3 Cafe Beautiful

My boyfriend had been wanting to eat here for over TWO years. It apparently has more recently (past year or two?) been taken over by a young woman chef. She clearly doesn't know how to provide customer service.

We came to the restaurant with high hopes and great expectations and my boyfriend was VERY excited to be eating at this restaurant that has received nothing but rave reviews.

Needless to say we were disappointed.

My boyfriend exchanged messages (emails) with the chef prior to coming, alerting her that I was a little more picky than most, she advised IN WRITING that she would be able to accommodate and that it was "no problem at all."

Guess what? She KICKED US OUT of the restaurant after serving three of the nine dishes as I did not eat COLD duck. I apologize as I am a picky eater, but when a chef is made aware of this, advises it wont be a problem, and then even acknowledges she knows that it is us when we sit down to dinner, you would expect her to not serve cold duck.

She advised us "I do not want to continue" while making odd and uncomfortable gestures with her hands as if there was something wrong with her. She also mentioned "this is awkward for me, I don't know how to handle this situation." CLEARLY she didn't. How appalling!

Lets just say...there is a reason that COOKS don't serve.

We will never be going back and have advised may of this experience. I honestly have never been so upset and embarrassed in my whole life. Not to mention my boyfriends frustrations with not being able to eat there because, shame on him, his gf is picky. Too bad we advised her of this before hand and were made to feel welcome and as if this would not be an issue. HUGE disappointment and skip it because if you 'offend' the rude chef, you're out.

lastofhistribe replies...

There are a lot of entertaining reviews at this site, but this one's become my recent favorite. Cold duck: it'll get you in trouble every time. (hint to the cook: just take that duck, shove it in the microwave, and bring it back out. high-maintenance customer made happy!)

Christine Davisson replies...

I realize this is an old review but this is irritating. If you are a self-proclaimed picky eater why on Earth would you go to a such a unique restaurant? You sound like an imbecile. Clearly you have no place in such an amazing restaurant with such a fantastic, personable Chef. You should probably head to Applebee's next time.