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Burgers By Bigg's

Rating: 5

cactusman102 Burgers By Bigg's

We took the kids to Burgers by Biggs (before going to Orange Leaf right next door) and had a wonderful experience. The farmer burger was delicious, the fries were perfect, and the patio seating area is awesome for kids. We definitely will come back and recommend it to anyone; especially over here in west Lawrence. No need to drive to Mass street for good food; its right here!

Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Burgers By Bigg's

I had the farmer burger....holy moly it was absolutely fantastic, one of the best burgers I've ever had. Literally exploding with taste. Great fries, too. These are good burgers.

Rating: 5

BENZ190 Burgers By Bigg's

Just experienced the best burger and shake I have had in a long time. It is the new Burgers by Bigg's restaurant on West 6th, in front of Free State H.S. It is owned by the people who have Bigg's BBQ, so you know the food would be good. The burger was of high quality beef, the fries hand cut and the shake the best I have ever had. A nice change from the fast food burgers we typically get in Lawrence. Very nice people at the register, and food brought to the table within 5 minutes. The decor is wonderful, with a vintage Coke poster on one wall, and several T.V.'s on the other walls. This is going to be a winner, and our family will be back. So glad we have them in Lawrence!!!

jayhawwk replies...

Are your taste buds working? That was a cheap burger with seasonings on it. Quality of beef was fair at best. Portions were small for the cost of meal. I had high expectations that were shot down after first visit. Won't be back sorry to say.

Rating: 5

pumpkin123 Burgers By Bigg's

Great food, Great atmosphere and great service. I thought the food was great. I had a california burger and a chocolate shake and it was delicious. I ate it outside and it was very pleseant on the patio.

Rating: 5

kufan1146 Burgers By Bigg's

Stopped in for lunch today. I had the Western burger with a combo - total was $7.75. Very affordable, and I'd much rather get a burger from a local business than crappy BK or something for about the same price. Service was good, friendly cashier and they had my food out within 5 minutes during a busy lunch rush. The fries seemed hand cut and were great, my burger was cooked well and I enjoyed it. The manager and owner were checking on people and making sure their food was good, which is a nice touch. Good atmosphere, some outdoor seating, an affordable menu and quick service - a win in my book! I will definitely be back.

Rating: 5

Mary Dillon Burgers By Bigg's

This is a great Burger place. Their milkshakes were awesome too! We went just a week after they had opened for business which is just asking for problems but they did a nice job on our food. It was prepared exactly as we had ordered it and the people were very service oriented. I had a single burger and had plenty of food. The fries were very generous too. It is a place where you walk up and order at the counter then they bring the food to you. The kind of place you drop in after a game or you could bike there too.

Lots of families were there and they had some big TVs up for you to watch your favorite games. It was opened by the Biggs BBQ peoples so I am sure that had a lot to do with the good service and food right after they openned. There was also one of the favorite BBQ sandwiches from their other stor and they told us they might be doing daily specials of BBQ foods like they do from their BBQ restaurant. They also have outside seating.

This is going to be a favorite local burger place for our neighborhood!